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What are some fun amusement parks that you guys have been to? I have gone to Cedar Point, Michigan Adventure and Kings Island. I have yet to travel to Florida for Disney world as its EXPENSIVE.
I'm from th U.S so I mean that doesn't help ^

I am confused? Are we suppose to be suggesting theme parks for you to go to?

You never said anything about that in your thread. All you said is post where 'we' have been...


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Neverrr been to Alton Towers, too far away.
M & D's is a theme park located in Scotland near Glasgow. It is decent - nothing compared to Alton Towers nor Thorpe Park. I wouldn't recommend it as it is pretty crap.
Oh I have been to Alton Towers, I forgot I have even been there >.<

And yes, M&D's is rubbish but didn't stop me going every year with school as end of year trip/reward :)


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Disney world is great man, no matter how old you are - there are plenty other "sub-parks" as part of Disney as well, making the experience even better. Universal in Florida is hella good as well.

Imo, Disney Land (Paris) sucks, I did t find it anywhere near as fun.

There a few in the UK I've been to as well.. Such as Thorpe park, chessington and so on but nothing compares to USA.
Theme Parks in the uk;
  • Alton towers
  • Flamingo Land
  • Chessington world of Adventures
  • Drayton Manor
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Lightwater Valley
  • Gullivers World
  • Fantasy Island
Theme Parks in usa;
  • Disney Magic Kingdom
  • Disney Epcot
  • Disney Animal Kingdom
  • Disney Hollywood Studios
  • Universal Studios Island of Adventure
  • Universal Studios
  • Bush Gardens
Surprised Cedar Point has been barely mentioned, but is by far the best their is in the world on terms of roller coasters as it is the roller coaster capital and has the most roller coasters in a theme park. Strongly recommend going there, it is only 3 hours from my place, but I'd even travel across the world to go.

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