1. WeedLikeToSmoke

    [UK] Call Of Duty BO2 Zombies Plutonium Servers

    Plutonium Call Of Duty Servers - Zombies - Multiplayer Zombies - Play with friends - Free to play Custom Scripts: ChatBank - By DoktorSAS .withdraw (amount) / .deposit (amount) / .pay (amount) (username) / .balance ZombieCounter - By DoktorSAS ChatBet - By Me .bet (All/(amount)) 3/20 chance...
  2. A

    I have 3 new Dayz servers looking for players

    I have 3 new servers for your Dayz experience. | A2G Livonia PVE Pure Survival This server is focused on survival against the environment and zombies, the zombies have custom settings and spawns, Most of all Military gear has been removed and what little is left is very rare...