I have 3 new Dayz servers looking for players


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Mar 26, 2022
I have 3 new servers for your Dayz experience.
A2G Livonia PVE Pure Survival
This server is focused on survival against the environment and zombies, the zombies have custom settings and spawns, Most of all Military gear has been removed and what little is left is very rare. Lots of custom clothes and furniture , there are traders but 0 stock, they can only be stocked by the player, food is rare too, so get your hunting skills up. I will be adding some custom events and contest to this server soon.
A2G Livonia PVP Extreme Zeds Traders
This server is just a bundle of ideals, lots of zeds, PVP welcome, base building , base raiding, and traders. Some custom vehicles, clothes, and gear lots to do and more to come. To much to list it all check our discord for more information.
A2G Cherno|1PP|PVP|TRADERS|Loot+|Cars|Guns|Helis
It is what it is, this server is built for PVP, the zeds are gone except for 2 locations that will be used for future events. Lots of Military gear, trading, base building, base raiding, cars, trucks, helis, and boats. First person only and 2 hour restarts.

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