1. J

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to What is about this project called TinkHotel? TinkHotel is a project to recreate Habbo Hotel, with a clarify head objective, be the most identical to the official Hotel. That's include get all features from the web and the client. It's a non-profit, for educational purposes...
  2. DanielSlivinskiy

    fast food

    Hi, I use a plus emulator edits emulator and where fast food comes in, '' crashed '' and fast food port is 90, Do you know how to fix it?
  3. Syr

    Flash | Unique features | FastFood, Jukeboxes, Groupforums... | Hiring!

    Hi, I've finally launched I've created an hotel which actually have change to become one of the "major" hotels. I feel like every single hotel that opens nowdays, bad or great still shuts down and really doesn't give the big hotels any competition. I've put a lot of time into this hotel...