1. J

    TinkHotel - Habbo Project - 99% fidelity to What is about this project called TinkHotel? TinkHotel is a project to recreate Habbo Hotel, with a clarify head objective, be the most identical to the official Hotel. That's include get all features from the web and the client. It's a non-profit, for educational purposes...
  2. MayoMayn

    Suggestions to streaming application name

    Since I am so bad at finding titles for my work, I therefore will give a random sub worth of $1 to a user, who can come up with the best name for my streaming app. I will attach a poll with all the suggestions, and from there pick a "winner". Need some inspiration? Try Brandbucket...
  3. MayoMayn

    [Electron + Angular + TypeScript] Venobo Streaming App

    Venobo is like Popcorn Time, but 100 times better! An incredible smooth design, and powered by TMDb's fantastic API. You can even choose from which torrent indexes and releases groups to sort by to ensure the best quality. This is simply an option, otherwise it'll be automated. Created using...