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    Bringing The Sky To Habsky

    Learn to spell and write properly and I might consider it. In its current state, this thread gives me no confidence in the quality of your hotel and not least, the security of your cms.
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    forcevote help

    None of the force votes/apis work correctly unfortunately. You start to run into all sorts of issues with redirect loops and things but you won’t notice this for all your players. The thing is, some ISPs for some unknown reason send https requests through a proxy and this breaks the api and the...
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    Developer Problems

    ALWAYS pay as goods and services. If someone is asking you to pay as family and friends they’re scamming you because they’re asking you to forgo your right to consumer protection.
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    Habbo Web Application for Arcturus Emulator (Laravel, Inertia.js and Tailwindcss)

    It wasn’t a stupid comment. People should know when vulnerabilities exist. As someone who is releasing something on an open forum it’s your job to explain your software stack. Heck I work in property not coding and development so consider your audience before you start calling people stupid🥳 I...
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    Habbo Web Application for Arcturus Emulator (Laravel, Inertia.js and Tailwindcss)

    Thank you. However, you need to double check house keeping because I was able to access housekeeping and post a news article from a non staff account.
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    Habbo Web Application for Arcturus Emulator (Laravel, Inertia.js and Tailwindcss)

    Is anyone going to address my concerns about the blatant vulnerabilities with house keeping and the strange mismatch of blade and vue or are my comments gonna keep being deleted.
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    how can i do double emu enable?

    What do you mean. You use the same emulator for both. Nitro and flash are just clients which both work with Arcturus. you just need to set up a flash client to work with your emulator as you normally would.
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    HabboRW Homeroom

    This obsession with ‘unique’ again. Boring. Move on please.
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    Join Habpop Hotel today!

    I Lol’d at Milan Fashion week 😂 good luck though.
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    Nitro x Plus Emulator.

    You can use a proxy such as websockify to route web sockets to your emulators TCP port. You then just have to update the packets to match Arcturus and disable encryption.
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    IconPanel - Frontend Template Release

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    IconPanel - Frontend Template Release

    Don't take too much notice of anything anyone says on here, IMO they are quite critical and tend to be very pigheaded. You saw a tool with potential and adapted it to meet your needs and (I think) it's very well executed. Why spend hours designing something when the tools are out there already...
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    Retro Backup

    I have a scheduled task which runs a sql dump every 15 minutes and puts it on drop box. It’s a bit of a hack but it works.
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    Join Surf Paradise! NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED!

    Stupid name and the thread looks bad with soo much large text. I’m not 12 years old I can handle a bit of reading.