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    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Sorry but Nitro is not even close to what flash was. So no, there are no well developed alternatives at this time. Flash offers a far more native feeling experience than some junked up canvas application IMO.
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    Flash Browser for Habbo (Habflash)

    Yes looks good but wish you had an address bar and tabs!
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    TV It's a Sin

    Yes I watched it and enjoyed it very much. I found it incredibly moving so much so it nearly bought me to tears.
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    Recruiting Recruiting Staffs - 2 Servers

    Pasthabbo? Sounds a bit like an Italian pasta dish if you say it quickly 🤣. All joking aside good luck with everything.
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    Habbo gone?

    Evidence of this?
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    Habbo gone?

    I hadn’t thought of covid tbf that’s probably a big impact. I never have time to play usually but during covid I was on a lot.
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    Habbo gone?

    What’s happened to Habbo/Retros they’re all so dead. Things looked promising with Nitro and like we had a whole new future ahead but it seems that the end of Flash is also the end of Habbo. This time last year you could still go on retros and play games like slap the flamingo and casino but...
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    ZucaCMS ~ RevCMS Edit ~ Feedback

    Just because everyone does something it doesn’t make it right or okay. If I murdered someone but said it’s okay because everyone dies eventually that does not make it okay. Renaming this CMS is exactly the same thing.
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    Recruiting Habbo Retro Setup

    Nothing has really changed in the last year so you should be okay to follow them
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    Recruiting Habbo Retro Setup

    There are lots of good tutorials available on Devbest and people will help you for free. Do not pay for this sort of thing. You are wasting your money.
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    Stuck on 76

    Double check everything and then make sure that your emulator is working and your port is open. Also check that everything is loading in your web inspector panel. 9/10 this is a configuration issue
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    ZucaCMS ~ RevCMS Edit ~ Feedback

    I don’t know why you’ve renamed this considering all you’ve done is effectively build a RevCMS skin. Which is fine, but, it’s not the same thing as making your own CMS; so it’s fundamentally wrong to rename it. The style is aesthetically disastrous and looks like every hotel ever. It’s very...
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    forcevote help

    None of the force votes/apis work correctly unfortunately. You start to run into all sorts of issues with redirect loops and things but you won’t notice this for all your players. The thing is, some ISPs for some unknown reason send https requests through a proxy and this breaks the api and the...
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    Developer Problems

    ALWAYS pay as goods and services. If someone is asking you to pay as family and friends they’re scamming you because they’re asking you to forgo your right to consumer protection.
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    Habbo Web Application for Arcturus Emulator (Laravel, Inertia.js and Tailwindcss)

    It wasn’t a stupid comment. People should know when vulnerabilities exist. As someone who is releasing something on an open forum it’s your job to explain your software stack. Heck I work in property not coding and development so consider your audience before you start calling people stupid🥳 I...