staff badge

  1. Rivelly1

    Habblight - Your tool to customize your staff badges.

    Habblight - Generate Your Badges! 🌈 Tired of wasting time editing your staff badges? Discover Habblight, the generator that allows you to customize your badges with just one click! 🚀 ✨ Features ✨ Instantly modify the name of your staff badges. Save precious time without using complicated...
  2. KAMZ

    Made a few Staff Badges for my retro

    if you need staff badges / Other badges just hmu on discord: Sig?#9719
  3. Maaaarcel

    [Badges] Custom Staff Badges

    ↑ What could this be? Thought I'd share some of my own Badges. They're something different then the usual Staff badges*¹ AdminStaff Community LeitungMod ____________________________________________________________________ **Extra Mello (Marshmello & Bastille - Happier) Download at -...
  4. John1337

    Request I need a Staff Badge

    Can someone please make me a STAFF Badge, i need it to Say ''ROCK STAFF'' I want it to be Dark Blue Please. Thank you:)