1. DDDDec

    PC [] Clipstone Craft - Minecraft Survival Server!

    Clipstone Survival! - Crates - Shops - Quests - Envoys - Levels
  2. BigRed

    English Losers |Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop

    English Losers |Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop English Losers SYSTEM: PC Discord: Welcome, the EL Server is one that forces the forces of teamwork and cooperation into action in order to grow and survive. The careful economy set in place joint with...
  3. Z

    Zombietoast DayZ (PC) | 20k Start | Safe Bases | Trader | Party | Banks | Events

    ZombieToast DayZ Teamspeak ( Discord Rules Our Servers: 2 Server's with different Settings (PC) [GER/EU] #1 PvP - battlemetrics S1 -> Click to join <- [GER/EU] #2 PvP (with PvP Zones) - battlemetrics S2 -> Click to join <-...
  4. Captain_Al_Sorna


    Why just survive when you can thrive on the Sixth Order server? Sixth Order server is a new pvp server that allows basebuilding. Tried to keep that vanilla-ish (emphasis on the "ish") feel but with a couple of tweaks geared towards pvp such as full cars/ trucks, more weapons that spawn in with...