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    Toggle State Wired - Not Toggling Counters?

    The CMS was changed to Atom
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    Toggle State Wired - Not Toggling Counters?

    Unsure where else to turn...., my hotel is heavily automated with games and we use a lot of Counters, the Banzai and Football ones... anyway- as of yesterday the Wired Effect: Toggle State has stopped toggling all timers..... like the wired wont even respond when you set it to a counter This...
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    Recruiting Looking for a developer for a game of thrones retro habbo (RP)

    im more interested in seeing the recreation of Westeros on Habbo than the development side of this haha should be an interesting project
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    The House of The Dragon

    What's everyone's thoughts after that epic 1st episode??? That first scene of Rhaenyra flying over Kings Landing on dragon back literally had me in tears I was so happy to be home lool All I can say was W O W. What a return to the realm!!!! High hopes for the new series, off to an epic start so far.
  5. Puffin - A UNIQUE virtual world - Start an exciting adventure!

    Absolutely loving the UI customizations, this hotel has a lot of promise!! It's refreshing to see a Hotel that actually stands out from the group. Goodluck!
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    Atom CMS - A multi theme CMS

    Looks pretty good! At this point im happy to see anything other than base Cosmic.. hopefully some of these hotels can switch it up a bit with this
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    Wanting to make a EMU habbo!!! How to set up the nitro imager...
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    It's been doing a good job keeping those 'undesirables' out tbh. In the future they want to make it so users are shadow banned and can only talk with staff until verified, that way they can still access and play. It makes it a lot harder to evade bans when you need to have a new, Verified...
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    To get on YouHab's client you must verify your Discord account- its a simple process outlined above your user information on the homepage. You will be given a code like !verify Puffin 543 which you have to post in the Verifications channel
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    Hey, registrations were temporarily disabled while the dev implemented a Discord Verification system, you should be able to sign up now.
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    Love this hotel! Great community and a lot of promising development... Looking forward to the future.
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    Custom Beach House Furnis

    those pillows are everything incredible line!!!
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    Custom Garden Furnis

    You never disappoint, this is some really great work!
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    What's your favourite Habbo furniture line of ALL time?

    I'd have to go with the very original HC Furni Line Thrones/ OG Supers as mentioned above too ^ It's the nostalgia for me
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    [.Nitro+SWF] RuneScape Holo's - Blk_Kyat's Custom Furni

    Iconic, can't wait to prayer flick Now we need the Wilderness Skull n Crossbones effect plz