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    nitro client

    Its pretty straight forward on the wiki of the Nitro Release.
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    I'm looking for a technician.

    Just to clear this up, looking at the screenshot you are wanting a RolePlay?
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    AsteroidApp - Flash Browser Source for Habbo (MacOS/Windows 7/8/10 x32/x64)

    What are you asking exactly? If im not mistaken your asking does it have to be developed on a separate VPS as your retro? No, You can develop the application on the same VPS as your retro.
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    forcevote help

    Depends on which CMS you are using, if your using cosmic, make a Router:: and route it that way, now if you are using Rev/BrainCMS check out:
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    Recruiting Looking for Habbo football Interaction Dev

    Provide more details please, Which Emulator?
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    XSS Exploit?

    The CMS is uh
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    Nitro Client help

    send screenshot.
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    Nitro Client help

    that is the most self explanatory thing on the setup for nitro, All you have to do is edit the urls on there, opening the developer console may help aswell.
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    XSS Exploit?

    Only thing i can think of doing is in your index.php in your wwwroot of your cms is to add this into it. ini_set('session.cookie_domain', '' ); I believe this will fix your issue.
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    Packet Headers Change

    Looking for someone to assist me on updating the packet headers to the ones that are used on Arcturus; Most are completed just need help with the rest.
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    Question about Pricing Released HTML5 client 1614046613 100 quid is a tad too much for your basic everyday retro setup, you can pay someone in Krews Marketplace for like 10 quid lmao. People be desperate.
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    Help needed.

    Issue solved, he used a newer version of MySQL.
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    Developer Problems

    To be fair i know for a fact you're justin; just don't have the proof to show it. but i mean tbf justin still scammed him instead of being the bigger person and being a genuine person rather than scamming someone and leaving them to rot.
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    Developer Problems

    Always do goods and services, but im sure if you contact paypal they can help you.
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    Developer Problems

    Pull a paypal dispute, if you didn't receive your services.