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Hi there was wondering if you could add me on discord 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁#5111 sorry for the weird name will need to copy and paste but i have run into some issues with the tutorial
hey i need some help, when i ran my client nothing showed it was a white screen.
i cleared the cache and it didnt work.
my discord is Neon#6996
*knocks* Excuse me!!!!!!!!
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its meeee ive been wonderinggg if after all these years you'd like to speakkkkk, to go overrrrr everythinggggggg... SO HELLOO FROM THE OTHERSIDE🎶
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hello, i am croc. i would like to speak to you. add me on discord. CrocodileLoL
Hello, regarding your post on my thread, would you mind adding me on Discord? I got a few things to ask. My Discord is Gabrielle#4089