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Hi mate, when i've typed local host on chrome it says something to do with i was unable to connect to The MYSQL Server
Hi. I have tried making a retro hotel based on your episode 1 back in 2019. I followed everything you did but when i put in "localhost" it put me right to the Xampp homesite? What can i do? - Norwegian hotel, still in development but trying to open it fast. :D Also implementing the new HTML5 client as soon as it has the features we need, but until then you could use Maxthon Nitro or our own application to play :p
Hey bro, i've been setting up your Zap Hotel Pack, (also an R63 for the first time) Wondering if you could answer a question for me?! - Thanks B
You didn't just hurt me physically. You also hurt me mentally. Rabbits don't hop if you have good luck. Why? Because you got it’s foot.