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About Zebbo:
Zebbo was created on november 2019, We are currently still in "beta" and will be that until we are happy with Zebbo. We also want to create zebbo with our community to make sure we can all enjoy it. Our goal here at zebbo is trying to minimize the "pay to get" and instead try to actively reward our online players with more money and diamonds to make sure everyone can enjoy all the perks of the hotel. If you rather wanna just buy stuff we do have a shop for that as well. We will also try to bring back the gamble part of habbo as that in my opinion was a very big part of the game.

How long will we stay in "beta"
We know it will take time to finish a perfect running hotel but we will take our time to shape zebbo to it's very best with our staff and community.

Why would this hotel be better then any other hotels?
The only thing i can say on this matter is that all hotels has their own good parts.

I'm not a very good seller on stuff like advertising so i will leave it at this, I probably update this at some point.

Welcome to Zebbo hotel! -> [ To view this link you must register here. ]
You can find our discord here -> [ To view this link you must register here. ]



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Screen Shots:
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I don't like this hotel theme or hotel development. The hotel looks very much like a normal hotel, so anyone could do it in less than 20 minutes. I hope that in the future you will add some features to the pages or inside the hotel so that the players will enjoy or even make the hotel popular, but I wish the best! :)

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