XenForo 2 and the future

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Nov 25, 2011
Today we bring you a small update on the future of DevBest, our plans, and I'll ask a small favour from everyone. So I guess after reading the thread title, everyone is wondering about XenForo 2, the main reason for this thread. So let's dive in.

XenForo 2
The latest major update from XenForo brings a lot of changes. But also changes to the way plugins work in XenForo. This means that a lot of plugins we are currently using, don't have proper replacements yet. Some of them we can do without, but sadly not all of them. Basically, this is the only issue that is preventing us from upgrading to XenForo 2, as of now. But we are keeping an close eye on the progress of the plugins, and we can say that we are close. There is no ETA or plan yet of when the upgrade happens, but when there is, we will let you know.

A small favour...
Besides the XenForo 2 update, we would like to know what you guys want to see. Lately there have been no suggestions. We would like to ask everyone to share their ideas. The suggestion/idea with the most votes at the end of this month, will receive a High Roller award. Every thread posted from this day on automatically joins in on this small... competition. As opinions change, you are allowed to suggest something that has been suggested before. Based on the replies from the community, the staff team will look in to which points we can make actionable.

You can post it here:

Keeping you updated
From this day on, we'll try to keep you guys updated about plans and/or (upcoming) changes.

Any questions about this thread? Feel free to open up a thread within the community section.
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