Battlefield 4 Xbox vs PC graphics

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Of course PC's are going to be better, considering that that PC might be an f'ing GTX 780 or a Titan you asswit, tell us the GPU of the PC than we can really compare, FPS/render distance aswell will play a part.


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When it's PC - it is iffy. You can't label PC in general. You have to have a good PC to have good graphics. There's low quality, medium quality, high quality, and ultra high quality. I can have a PC that can only handle medium quality graphics, and a Xbox 360 could have better graphics than I do.
I dont believe that Xbox image. Battlefield 3 had much better graphics then that pic on 360.
So many elements and textures are missing from it.

Anyways as Tard said, depends what PC. If its got a good graphics card or not.
Do people hook up their xbox to their PCS?
What do you mean? Like for windows media center?

I use Windows Media center to stream movies off my laptop to my Xbox, + I use my internet [Xbox live] from plugging Ethernet cable into my laptop.. [As I recently moved my xbox/tv setup and no where reachable to my router. And I haven't got a wireless add on yet]


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OF TOPIC (kinda): Even BF4 on lowest settings on PC looks better than BF4 on any console
ON TOPIC: Jesus Christ that's a big difference!
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