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What's your opinion about EA's ongoing game Anthem?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Sentinel, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Sentinel

    Sentinel Venobo Beta will release soon

    As the title says: What's your opinion about BioWare's ongoing game Anthem?
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  2. WickedLulz

    WickedLulz Kewl dude

    I never heard of this game before but it seems really fun, is it the open world type?
  3. Sentinel

    Sentinel Venobo Beta will release soon

    Yeah it is, and my mistake it is being developed by the BioWare team.

    Basically you play as a freelancer that lives in the walls of a city that protects humanity.
    You will have your own exo suit which you can fully customize.
    The aim was to create a game that would "be referenced for years to come".
    The game is said to be EA's answer to games like Destiny.
    Players will "live with the choices they make, or die trying to change them"
    It'll have huge changes to the weather since it got a post-apocalypse setting.

    But well we all know EA. They promise, but fail to deliver otherwise it'll be DLC's that cost $40 each.
  4. WickedLulz

    WickedLulz Kewl dude

    Man tbh that seems pretty kewl and is something i'd enjoy playing, love the part where i live in the wall small spaces make me feel warm from the inside.
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  5. Westyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Westyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Moderator Staff Member

    Looks outstanding, not normally a fan of these types of games but this one caught my eye. Hyped for it.
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  6. WickedLulz

    WickedLulz Kewl dude

    Man that view @2:01 loving it, who needs real life?It really makes me wonder what's out there beyond the wall.I agree with Brad HYPE
  7. Sentinel

    Sentinel Venobo Beta will release soon

    ONT: It definitely looks sweet!
    OFFT: Then wait till you see my Dodgebot game LOL
  8. Undercover

    Undercover Donator

    Looks like this could be great game - only time will tell
  9. Paypal

    Paypal Freelance developer

    This seems actually very good and games like these are never good unless alot of development goes to it and they seem to know what they are doing HYPED
  10. Wesseeeeeeeeeeeeel

    Wesseeeeeeeeeeeeel Invictus maneo. Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    It looks quite sweet, but it seems like BioWare really has been slacking the last couple of years. That, combined with EA, I'll have to see how it's going to turn out.

    However EA is just a publisher. Doesn't has to say much about what games are being delivered. I mean look at DICE, almost everything they put out is great.
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