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Whats your favorite programming language, and why?

Discussion in 'Coders Paradise' started by Seriosk, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    Ayyy fellow C++ programmer ;)

    My Favorite Language is C++ as you can do almost anything with it, you have so much power and control.
  2. Seriosk

    Seriosk Programmer;

    Within reason.. yes.. C++ is a powerful programming language, although it does lack the simplicity and support for GUI's like .NET or JavaScript support.. (wpf, wf, electron, node etc)
  3. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    C++ have really simple GUI frameworks? Why would C++ ever support javascript?....
  4. Seriosk

    Seriosk Programmer;

    When did I ever say it would support Javascript? I just said Javascript and C# had BETTER gui support that's why I prefered them.. thanks to the .NET framework and electron. lots more but yeah..

    You're also talking about C++ as if its multiple things, its one thing..
    'have' 'has'
  5. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    Ah the way you wrote it sounded like you were saying the language sucked because it doesn't support JavaScript, i was so confused lol.
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  6. Kristovision

    Kristovision Member

    PHP because I love the way it can be structured.
  7. Adil

    Adil Moderator Staff Member

    JavaScript or Python probably. Both are very flexible. A JS stack with Typescript is similar to Java without all the old clunkiness, which is great!
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  8. Seriosk

    Seriosk Programmer;

    That doesn't really make sense, any language can be structured in any way. Did you mean the design pattern or syntax?

    I must say I do love JavaScript, I've never really got into Python majorly but I know the basics.
  9. LukeOx

    LukeOx PeakRP.com

    I personally love Java and I haven't actually used it much, but I've fallen in love with Kotlin. I'll definitely be using it whenever I next work in Java.
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  10. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    I would really like to learn Python, but the problem is that I seriously can't withstand that ugly syntax (just my opinion, but I really think it's just ugly, even worse than Ruby)
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  11. TesoMayn

    TesoMayn Boredom, it vexes me.

    JavaScript > *

    Anything any of you can do in PHP or any other language you know, can be done in JS.
  12. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    JS (I think) is also the only language to support all platforms aswell as React as a library without having to use different languages/libraries for each platform.

    I'd say JS is the superior language for mobile and app development.
  13. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

  14. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    Yeah, that's why I wrote I thought so.
    But I'd rather do front-end in JS than in any other language.
  15. Kristovision

    Kristovision Member

    Sorry I never expanded on that... I mean the way the design is structured.
  16. Jaden

    Jaden not so active

    JavaScript and C++.

    Node.js is JavaScript and C++ and you can write code in both languages interchangeably and the module system will handle in a more organized approach than other languages imo. So that's support for both high and low level programming on one platform.
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  17. Canadian

    Canadian Я тебя люблю. Staff Member

    ColdFusion - it's super easy
  18. Arbitrage

    Arbitrage Donator

    The same goes for the inverse. Anything that can be done in JS can be done in C, Python, Ruby, PHP, and much more. All of these languages are Turing Complete. So I'm not understanding your argument as to why this classifies as Javascript being greater than anything else?
  19. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    It just is.
  20. Jaden

    Jaden not so active

    Not entirely true @Buu, some language features aren't simple enough to be mocked in other languages without a lot of unnecessary coding to back it (without the guarantee of a performance advantage) and your implementation wouldn't only be redundant, it'd probably wouldn't perform as well as the original implemented maintained by professionals.

    JavaScript has a lot of language features (even just in theory) that make other languages look inferior, the only thing I would say JavaScript needs is more OOP and low-level coding support.

    I'd also say, JavaScript the programming and scripting language is superior to PHP which is just a scripting language. Comparing just JavaScript the scripting language and PHP the scripting language is futile because they're both made for different jobs.

    Also @Seriosk on your original post you said you like C++ and C because of the design patterns? Software design patterns are pretty similar (if not the same) in every major programming language.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
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