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Whats your favorite programming language, and why?

Discussion in 'Coders Paradise' started by Seriosk, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    Ayyy fellow C++ programmer ;)

    My Favorite Language is C++ as you can do almost anything with it, you have so much power and control.
  2. Seriosk

    Seriosk Programmer;

    Within reason.. yes.. C++ is a powerful programming language, although it does lack the simplicity and support for GUI's like .NET or JavaScript support.. (wpf, wf, electron, node etc)
  3. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    C++ have really simple GUI frameworks? Why would C++ ever support javascript?....
  4. Seriosk

    Seriosk Programmer;

    When did I ever say it would support Javascript? I just said Javascript and C# had BETTER gui support that's why I prefered them.. thanks to the .NET framework and electron. lots more but yeah..

    You're also talking about C++ as if its multiple things, its one thing..
    'have' 'has'
  5. GarettM

    GarettM Programmer

    Ah the way you wrote it sounded like you were saying the language sucked because it doesn't support JavaScript, i was so confused lol.
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