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Discussion in 'Habbo Advertisements' started by Damien, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. HendeR

    HendeR King Tinkerer

    It's a shame to see this isn't a really popular retro, I guess community's take time to grow and most play the names that have been around the longest.

    The updated features and CMS content put you near top of the list of most updated and professional, I hope to see this hotel become successful.

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  2. Damien

    Damien Don't need glasses if you can C#

    Some Updates:
    • Fixed a bug in searching rooms
    • Cleaned up and removed some useless commands
    • Added ambassadors (for T-Mods)
    • Fixed an issue where your avatar would walk over items that are places in front of them while walking
    • Fixed an issue where avatars could walk through each other
    • Cleaned up riding horses, should be A LOT less buggy now
    • Added welcome bots that gives a free rare once completed (see bellow)
    • other bits I've already forgotten.. lel
  3. Meap

    Meap Don't need glasses if you C#

  4. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg Venobo Beta will release soon

    damn bro, teach me that C#

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  5. Damien

    Damien Don't need glasses if you can C#

    The update about groups:

    • Fixed up some issues in my badge.php which caused some errors using php 7+
    • Stopped the badge position being parsed when the item is the base image.
    • Added a badge filter to check if the badge code is valid. If base, reset to default, symbols get removed.
    • Cleaned up A LOT of the group coding, including forums.
    • Removed group chats with friends and added them as actual group chats.

    Funny example I found where packet data was being handled really badly!

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  6. cain

    cain provocatio

    In my eyes one of the most promising and best hotels in the community right now, needs much more attention and users.
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  7. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg Venobo Beta will release soon

    Silly how all the shitty retros gets a big user base, but people with actual creativity, productivity and skills, their hotels never gets the proper attention.
    Good luck with this man, you've done an amazing job!
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  8. Damien

    Damien Don't need glasses if you can C#

    • Index and register has had an overhaul and been updated to look more modern
    • Staff page has been updates
    • Aint-afk timer added to the hotel (stops users receiving credits after afk'ing for a certain amount of time).
    • Stopped users using old chat from seeing "@blue@", when a user uses coloured chat
    • Small tweaks in the word filter code. bring it on advertisers
    • Fixed a small bug with error reporting in the register form.
    • Changed the about command slightly (in-before I get hated on), as well as fixing some small xml issues with the commands parser.
    • Staff and VIP enables are now handled via change looks as permanent effects.
    • Other bug fixes with I've since forgotten about.
    • Rare values?
    New Index/Register:
    ^ The avatar editor needs some improving as well as a coding overhaul (just lazy).

    Staff page and sneak peak at the values page:

    Client bits:

    P.s Some of the designs AREN'T mine, but the css and html that makes the work were all written by myself. All credits go to the respective designers.
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  9. JynX

    JynX Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

    No need to post this on his thread as it doesn't pertain to the thread, I know you may be new but read the rules before commenting useless shit.
    Personally I liked the old Index compared to this new one, maybe it's the background that bothers me? Not a clue, but nevertheless good job and keep the updates coming it looks great to see someone such as yourself putting effort into their hotel and not just slapping on some released RevCMS edit and calling it a day. We need more people like you in the community that are not just lazy. Good luck, all you need now is to steal some of the other high user count hotels that don't deserve it and have it passed down to such an extraordinary retro such as uHabbo has become and was known for in the past. :) :up: :D
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  10. Wouto

    Wouto http://swfvault.com/ FindRetros Moderator

    Quite impressive, nice work. Good luck!
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  11. Carlsberg

    Carlsberg Venobo Beta will release soon

    Damn that values page looks sleek with that background image.
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  12. LucasRub

    LucasRub New Member

    Good !luck
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  13. Iiam

    Iiam uHabbo Owner | uHabbo.org

    This looks awesome give me a message I have some services that are just lying around (4Gb VPS, HTTP Proxy)
  14. pimp

    pimp no1 retard

    Love it all, wish this hotel had a larger user base like it deserves. All the best :)
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  15. Brought

    Brought 他不給他媽的

    i like it all, of course, but the logo is ugly ;)
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  16. Damien

    Damien Don't need glasses if you can C#

    Not posted in this thread for a while but I've coded my rare values page, using jQuery.
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  17. Iiam

    Iiam uHabbo Owner | uHabbo.org

    Looks good. Maybe you could have A sort of badge going across the rare saying legendary or common or something?
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  18. Meap

    Meap Don't need glasses if you C#

    fucking lit
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  19. Owen

    Owen GFX Master<3

    I'm liking that rare values page. Looks pretty good overall. Hope you go big.
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  20. Damien

    Damien Don't need glasses if you can C#

    Like this?
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