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[TUT]How To Remove "Notices" And "Errors" And "Depricated" Messages.[TUT]

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Satan, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Satan

    Satan Professional Pornstar

    Hello. I'm Chris. People lately have been asking how to remove "notices", "errors", and "depricated" messages. Follow This Tut.

    For Depricated Messages:

    1. Open "php.ini" In your xampp folder.
    2. Locate:

    3. Replace It With:

    4. Save and Reset Apache.

    For Undefined Notices, (This'll also remove errors):

    1. Open "php.ini" in your xampp folder.
    2. Locate:

    3. Replace it with:

    4. Save and reset Apache.

    Me - Explaining And Posting TUT.

    Jammy - For inspiring me to become a coder and habbo retro owner/developer.

    Vineen - Suggesting that i fixed up the post a bit.
  2. Archaos

    Archaos Flying High.

    Make the text smaller, then I wouldn't have to waste an extra 0.1 seconds of my life.

    I guess the TUT is good? :L
  3. Satan

    Satan Professional Pornstar

    Thanks. Um you got a hotel? cuz if not i'm looking for staff on mine.
  4. Gajeel

    Gajeel Well-Known Member

    Maybe you put them as quote like this..

    Change this:



    Change this:


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