[ThrustRP/ModernRP] Emulator Release [Version 3.0]

Hello again DevBest :)

I'm here to release Version 3.0 of ThrustRP/ModernRP Emulator.

No long story , This is what it contains.
======Staff Commands======
:c5 (Bombs every one in the room)
:jetpack (not really that useful i will delete it)
:disconnects (Disconnects user from the RP mostly like a reload)
:ban (Doesn't work, You should look into it see if you can fix it.)
:warp (Brings the users you warped to you.)
:purpledrag (A Boost of Guns/Money/Weed)
:greendrag (A Boost of Guns/Money/Weed)
:airstrike (Killing the whole RP, don't be one of those noobs who keeps using it.)
:hal (Sends hotel alert message with link)
:healroom (Heals the users in the room)
:clearwl (Clears the wanted list, I think it don't work, really don't know it works on Version 4.0.)
:massenergy (Gives all the users online a energy pack)
and many more Staff commands.
Car System (;buycar)
Bounty System
Airport Travel System (You should look into, test it out)
Robbery System
Buy System
Equip System (I think all guns are coded into ;shoot , if not wait for Version 4.0!)
Learning System
and more!
======Basic Commands======
and many more!
(Dont Trust , Dont Download)
Emu: [ To view this link you must register here. ]
Db: [ To view this link you must register here. ]

BenBro(BenHands) - Modern Emulator
RichBro(CoderX0X) - Features & Fixes
Az- Features & Fixes
Kunt(Kunt-Kyle)- Features & Fixes
Dubaz(KingDubz) Features & Fixes
Anyone who I've not mentioned, truly sorry.
Sorry if my Grammar was bad.
Version 4.0 coming soon!
(Second Release ,Go Easy On Me :D )


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--Copied from my post on rival forum--

An CMS this can be used on, would be an edit of RevCMS to work for Roleplays, I believe ModernRP released their skin, but you'd need to edit your class.users.php in RevCMS to allow the cms to update the users table with two names.

Some SWFs are standard, normal R63 swfs, if you don't want to use them, you could search up and google swfs that are used for roleplays and manually add the ATMs and various other swfs files that would be missing from the emulator release.

The only answer I can give you right now, is that Modern Emulator is stable as it will ever get, for the base that it was made on. The prison system and bounty system works fine, (I'm assuming from the emulator I first gave ModernRP to start off with). Other commands such as Taxi, etc are known to malfunction from time to time, based on other people having this emulator for a while.

The questions I received on the rival forum thread was if it was stable enough, and what CMS and SWFs you could use for Modern Emulator. Nice to see you released it, although I was waiting for somebody to release it a while ago. I believe now many people can work on it further, and make Modern what I could not. I look forward to many people trying to recreate Modern Emulator to their own advantage.


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Very nice release, Stable and works.
Will you also release SWFS?
And how do you make yourself staff? (How does the ranking system work)
Very nice release, Stable and works.
Will you also release SWFS?
And how do you make yourself staff? (How does the ranking system work)
Should work when you rank thru db, or ;giverank command idk if that one is in this version.


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Give credits to the original maker of this emulator base which Is the creator of reality nice rename, plus this emulator is basically copied from rushrp emulator and you just renamed the name itself in the emulator and the commands rename
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think the swfs won't matter as much in rp hotels but yeah otherwise post them :p
'T3CH' I copied nothing mate.... We had Hypez working for us @ 1 point he added few stuff but all I took was the robbery system man I have legit balls to admit I did copy the robbery system and on the new version I'm releasing soon it will have things to this emulator so can you fuck off lad....
Forgot to post a update.
Are new version was delayed as I'm doing Hang Glider which I started a month ago.
I've added quite alot to the current hang glider base like
  • Bank Robbery // Disabled it for time being
  • Nuclear System // You click on furniture to try and nuke the city
  • Police // Hospital // Bank Commands
  • Crafting // :craft <item_id>
  • Selling Stock // :sellitem x <item_id>
  • Guns // Corporation & Public (live from database)
  • Bots // Hospital (if needed) // Police (in-progress)
  • Missions (progress)
  • Learning System (progress) // You can get different intelligence and you can click on books and stuff like that
  • Working System
  • Gang System
  • Added hunger & hygiene & energy // You are on 5 or below hunger you die but if you have under 50 hygiene you get flies effect & Energy if your on 10 or below you die
There's a shit load more!

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