The rebirth of Force Hotel [HTML5] [OPEN]


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Jun 9, 2020
Hello all, and i present to you the rebirth of Force Hotel !

im sure all of you are well aware force hotel was once open in the early 2010s,
that was probably the last retro ive played and im trying to recreate the once amazing hotel.
we are just opening, over the next couple days there will be more custom furniture added, a token system ( like forces old system ) and a couple other old features that will remind you of the old Force :)
Here at force there is a strict but yet stable economy, the catalog is fully updated but will be adding more furniture and currencies soon.
The hotel has just opened and we are looking forward to seeing all of you and building an amazing community!

- Based on arcturus morningstar
-Nitro v2 client ( NO DOWNLOADS REQUIRED)
-NO LAG 24/7 server



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Apr 10, 2013
Thread approved, and also cleaned it up a bit for you.

Good luck with your hotel.


May 15, 2014
just looks like your basic cosmic+arc setup, goodluck.
100%. My advice? Work on it before you invite others to play, nobody wants to sit around and wait for you to polish a turd dull table.

Hope it goes well, I'm sure you'll create something amazing, there's a community out there who absolutely love custom furniture. Would be cool to maybe have a weekly or monthly competition to make furniture, has an amazing tool for that.


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Jul 4, 2010
Yup I certainly remember the days of Force Hotel. Totally different era now.

Bringing back old names is never a good idea. You need something that's your own, and maybe even more creative. Good luck with your project nonetheless.

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