The Last SurvivorZ EU | 1PP | Expansion | Vehicles | Traders |


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Jan 12, 2022
Play style: PvP/PvE

Map: chernarus

The Last SurvivorZ is a pvp/pve style server where all players are welcomed. We encourage interactions between players and welcome all player feedback, we are fairly new and are planning to be one of a kind server that’s not just a loot and shoot like most.

Mod List:

Key features:
  • Custom static toxic zones/areas
  • Custom tier 5 island.
  • Custom clothes and items
  • Cave System
  • Air Drops
  • 10 players per group
  • Banking
  • no offline raiding allowed.
  • 1PP
  • 20k starter cash.
  • Pay check for active members.
  • Random air raids.
Plus loads more!.


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