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Feb 21, 2011
First of all let me tell you what This Server is
Tekkit IP
Mad Hotel MC Server was made by Me AngelOfHype It was Opened in May 2015 For people To Use There immagination The Server will start you off as an Adventuer With an Empty Bag and basic Tools It a start to a new life where you get to meet new wildlife build fantasic machines become an eco friendly server and it is open to anyone who likes to use their free time.

Features of the Server
Number of plugins are installed
  • AddIdsGriefPrevention
  • AlphaRegister
  • antigriefv2.3
  • AntiLagg
  • antitnt
  • AutoBroadCaster
  • CraftingTable_GriefPrevent
  • dynmap
  • Vault
Please Note this server will hold max of 48 there will be a new server later on also there is a forum which you can use for updates status postions and of course ideas and feedback.
please do not flame on here as it not needed all i am doing on this is opening a server for people to play on all ages

any issues pm me here or pm me on the forum here please note this is only alpha so plugins may not work
want to apply for tekkit server then

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