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Take-Two shutdown OpenIV

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by Sky, Jun 17, 2017 at 7:29 PM.

  1. Sky

    Sky IDK?

    Recently Take-Two shutdown OpenIV a tool for SinglePlayer mods. As well as some big mod menus that used it to bring it to online.

    Here's an article;

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  2. griimnak

    griimnak You're a slave to the money then you die

    Yeah i was confused as to why they decided to do this now, in 2017. I used OpenIV way back then, it was great.
    I wonder what's going to happen now to the already dying gta 4 modding community /shrug
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  3. Ethereal

    Ethereal Tea Enthusiast

    GTA 5 reviews atm.
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  4. Sky

    Sky IDK?

    Pretty much.
  5. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member

    Wasn't aware of what has happened, but I did bump into the Steam reviews and was like 'holyfuck wat', so many reviews left by players that really love this game and have put 100s if not thousands of hours into it - kinda shows how much of a shitty decision it was for them.

    Also saw this, lol:

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  6. Ari

    Ari Member

    Take-Two take down anything that they feel is a threat to GTA Online. Thats why every multiplayer mod like samp for GTA V gets taken down within a month. They are money whoring scumbags. I feel bad for Rockstar.
  7. griimnak

    griimnak You're a slave to the money then you die

    Oh wow, i wasn't even aware that OpenIV continued onto gtav aswell.. damn that really sucks.
    I personally never used openIV for gta5, just 4. For gta5 i used ragepluginhook.net

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