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[SUGGESTION] The ability to delete your FindRetros Pages.

Discussion in 'Ideas & Suggestions' started by Jerry, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry gone.


    You should add a feature that users should have the ability to delete their findretros pages that they have created.

    • They probably don't need it anymore.
    What do you think?
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  2. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Professional Slag

    Reason: What if someone closed a hotel but you want that name on findretros?
    @RastaLulz Catch on man
  3. Westyy

    Westyy Festive Donator Staff Member

    You can change the title to the Hotel. A username isn't really shown only on the url or the Home page of the FR account.
    And this is not a good idea because who says you can even get in touch with the old owners if it's closed to delete the FR Account in the first place. :p
  4. Devron

    Devron New Member

    It would be the hotel owner's responsibility to delete the account, or the account would just remain on the list of sites.

    I actually think it's a good idea because then the users that would like to try "working" retros wouldn't run into dead end links that don't work.
  5. Mastah

    Mastah the funny thing is \r\n i did

    That's not a bad idea actually, for if you're going to quit retro's or anything else than you'd just have the ability to remove it! I approve

  6. bigdawg

    bigdawg fight teh power Staff Member

    I believe I started coding this on my flight to Minecon two years ago, don't remember how much I finished.
  7. Muff

    Muff Festive Donator

    Love the IdeaBloodTrail
  8. iLuzDemSkittles

    iLuzDemSkittles Active Member

    Brillant idea.
  9. r0ck

    r0ck Megatron

    When you start coding new things for findretros but forget about it for 2 years
  10. iLuzDemSkittles

    iLuzDemSkittles Active Member

    Ye, findretros shouldve added that a long time ago,
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  11. Shatter

    Shatter Selling Dedicated Servers

    Why was this thread even bumped? This was from April 8, 2015.

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