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Jan 30, 2022
Meow there!

After many many years I am back in the game of Habbo retro servers! Man, a lot has changed since and much for the better. Personally I was not a fan of flash/shockwave since it requires extra steps before a users could start playing, plus it's just old old tech..

After some catching up I came across Nitro HTML5, Arcturus Morningstar and CosmicCMS and this made me very happy! These days I live in the world of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and only use Linux for my servers. Unfort most of the Habbo retro community is still much based upon Windows, and ofc everyone their thing, I prefer Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 to keep it simple :)

So... About a week further now and we have our little hotel running, most bugs are smashed and we are improving on the game in general. The idea of StuxCraft is a unlimited free to play creative hotel where people can "go nuts"! Ofc the community needs to be friendly and safe for everyone.

The shop has been replaced with a donation page so this will be total optional to help us out keeping the lights on:)

  • Unlimited Credits, Duckets, Diamonds
  • Floor Planet Editor available for ALL users
  • 99% of all furni available for ALL users
  • No rares, only a few items are somewhat more "expensive"
  • Creativity & fun are the most important aspects, no bullying!
  • Tutorials and docs available with screenshot for new players
  • Soon, roombackgrounds + links will also be available for all users

You can find us on

All our source code is available here:

You can always send me a DM on the hotel, always happy to help:)
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