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[SQL/SWF] Habbo Stray Pixels 2012 Top 3 Furni! [SWF/SQL]

Discussion in 'Furniture Releases' started by Zeddicus, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Zeddicus

    Zeddicus The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    I did not make these! 90% Credits to the people on Habbo.COM and Habbo.ES who submitted these into the Stray Pixels competition of 2012, and 10% Credits to me for coding and releasing!


    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
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  2. Pok3

    Pok3 Member

    Well done, these are fucking excellent, really, a pat on the back for you my good sir. Thanks for the release
  3. Beer

    Beer Fuck you!

    Amg, great release.
    fanx you <3
  4. Zeddicus

    Zeddicus The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    No problem, thanks! But remember - I didn't design them ;)
  5. Clit

    Clit Posting Freak

    They are so fucking stupid, but 10/10 for the release and time you put in.
  6. Zeddicus

    Zeddicus The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    Thanks - I guess. :confused:
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  7. HabPRO

    HabPRO HabPRO Hotel: The comeback!

    :up: Thumbs up. I got something special for my hotel's come back, new weekly rares + had your credits for porting them into retros. Good job Delirious!
  8. Nike

    Nike #MGK

    These are beast! :p
  9. Olly

    Olly Active Member

    Ahh nice man
  10. Tomm

    Tomm The Legend

    Wow man these are sexy :}!!
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  11. Zymf


    Wow, great.
    I loved the Armored Man (Right) and the Merry-Go-Round (Left)!
  12. Devonnn

    Devonnn New Member

    These Are Nicee! :up:
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  13. Tomm

    Tomm The Legend

    wrong way round sir. Haha use your eyes.:up:
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  14. DcSelby

    DcSelby DcSelby is the boss.

    He's Steven Hawking, his eyes don't move unfortunately.
  15. Tomm

    Tomm The Legend

    Hahaha. Mate don't diss greg, he'll call you ugly. Legit needs a smack to the face irl.
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  16. DcSelby

    DcSelby DcSelby is the boss.

    He's beautiful.
  17. Tomm

    Tomm The Legend

    Anyway, back on topic, this small selection of furni is actually rather attractive ;) :up:
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