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PC [SELLING] Accounts with Games onnem [SELLING]

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Leon0803, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Leon0803

    Leon0803 New Member

    Hello Visitor of my thread, are you looking for cheap games?

    Well ive got some, i sell cheap Origin and Uplay Accounts with games on it and even GTA 5

    well you now will think "hmmm why should i buy a XY account with XY on it for a lot of money if i could buy the game and put it on my account instead?" WRONG

    why your asking?
    because you dont get the game so cheap anywhere!
    heres a list of games i sell and the prices for the games!
    Titanfall 2 ($/€15,00)

    Battlefield 1 ($/€10,00)

    Battlefield 4 ($/€5,00)

    Star wars Battlefront ($/€15,00)

    Minecraft ($/€6,00)

    TOM CLANCY’S Rainbow Six Siege ($/€10,00)

    TOM CLANCY’S The Division ($/€15,00)

    FAR CRY Primal ($/€10,00)

    so how will this work?
    you contact me private. and i give you the informations you need for the payment [Paypal]
    or you give me a Paysafecard code in the PM

    after i saw your message and made sure that i got the money i will send you the Username and Password for the Account.

    please dont change the username or password, if you do i cant help you if you experience any problems.

    so what do you say?
  2. NathanCarn3y

    NathanCarn3y Habbo Developer

  3. Leon0803

    Leon0803 New Member

    jup pc :)

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