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Just a few rules for this section
  1. No Habbo Retro Requests
  2. Do not request for full applications (eg. a full cms system or a full blog system)
  3. Before posting a request, make sure the script(s) have not been released in Free Programs & Scripts already
  4. Before posting a request, try looking on google first as it may save you some time
  5. Requests to crack/null licensed software is not tolerated
Just a idea as to what could be requested in here (just small script requests):
  • Changing a password
  • Contact forms
  • User registration/login (not a full user system)
The above rules are if you require them coding.

2015 update
Posts from June 2015 are advised to follow the template below upon posting a thread in the "request" section.

What are you requesting?
What is your budget?
What is the deadline (if any)?
Addition Information:

Since there was an increase in threads lacking information and effort, any threads from this date (3rd June 2015) that aren't detailed will be locked until amended.
Note: the above template is not required, just advised.

As always, all global rules are still in place.
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