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GTA SA SAMP: Imperial RP Developement Team seeking for Scripters & Mappers

Discussion in 'GTA Development' started by CharlesNL, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. CharlesNL

    CharlesNL New Member


    Me and my developement team want to make a Roleplay server, and we are looking for some PAWN Scripters and Mappers. Do you have experience with SA:MP & PAWN Script? Or, you are a mapper and want to have some fun with a friendly and experienced crew? And would you want in our management? Then you can give a reaction on this topic with this format:
    - Name:
    - What do you want to be, Scripter or a Mapper?:
    - Got Experience?: (Projects, Server management etc.
    - How is your English?:
    - Which scripting languages do you control?:
    - What is your skype name?: (SKYPE = REQUIRED) (Skype not allowed to give, you could send me it private maybe)
    See you guys later.
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  2. Shado

    Shado Member

    Hello everyone,

    I had to work for them and helping them to find a good website hosting and web hosting and scriping for them after that I got fired because I said that I PLAY for orther servers. I hope that no one help them because They do not like anyone in their team play another server.
  3. CharlesNL

    CharlesNL New Member

    Nice lie, when i wanted to buy a domain for our server site, you sended me a message private, and you sayed: Can you donate from your phone? I said yes, i thaught that he meaned for our domain, then he sayed: Can you donate from your phone 15 dollars for my server? Anyways, here is the chat:

    [22-1-2015 19:30:24] So
    [22-1-2015 19:30:25] Shady Amr: Can you donate from your phone?
    [22-1-2015 19:30:30] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Yes.
    [22-1-2015 19:30:47] Shady Amr: To feel that I paided for my works
    [22-1-2015 19:30:55] Shady Amr: Can you donate to a server for me
    [22-1-2015 19:30:56] Shady Amr: Only 15 dollars
    [22-1-2015 19:31:11] Shady Amr: Can you please?
    [22-1-2015 19:31:17] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Ehm
    [22-1-2015 19:31:20] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: How much euro?
    [22-1-2015 19:31:26] Shady Amr: Let me check
    [22-1-2015 19:31:38] Shady Amr: 13.14
    [22-1-2015 19:31:44] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: lol
    [22-1-2015 19:31:46] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Expensive.
    [22-1-2015 19:31:50] Shady Amr: Okay
    [22-1-2015 19:32:02] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: And, why a server? :p
    [22-1-2015 19:32:13] Shady Amr: SMS or Call or
    [22-1-2015 19:32:18] Shady Amr: LBAN/IBAN
    [22-1-2015 19:32:24] Shady Amr: €12.91 EUR
    [22-1-2015 19:32:26] Shady Amr: Not 13
    [22-1-2015 19:32:29] Shady Amr: LOL
    [22-1-2015 19:32:49] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: But.. Why a server?
    [22-1-2015 19:32:57] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: What do you want to do with?
    [22-1-2015 19:33:06] Shady Amr: Send PAY 504897 to phone number 3555
    [22-1-2015 19:33:10] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: lol
    [22-1-2015 19:33:33] Shady Amr: When you receive a confirmation
    [22-1-2015 19:33:35] Shady Amr: tell me
    [22-1-2015 19:33:38] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: ..
    [22-1-2015 19:33:41] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: I cant do today
    [22-1-2015 19:33:44] Shady Amr: Please
    [22-1-2015 19:33:47] Shady Amr: :(
    [22-1-2015 19:34:00] Shady Amr: We are muslims bro
    [22-1-2015 19:34:04] Shady Amr: and we should help each orther
    [22-1-2015 19:34:13] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: But, i cant.
    [22-1-2015 19:34:33] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Cuz my mother is on a birhtday party of my aunt, and she took my cellphone.
    [22-1-2015 19:34:34] Shady Amr: ;(
    [22-1-2015 19:34:57] Shady Amr: My time is 8:34 PM
    [22-1-2015 19:34:59] Shady Amr: I can stay until
    [22-1-2015 19:35:02] Shady Amr: 4:00 AM
    [22-1-2015 19:35:04] Shady Amr: :)
    [22-1-2015 19:35:35] Shady Amr: What is your SIM?
    [22-1-2015 19:35:39] Shady Amr: KPN?
    [22-1-2015 19:35:41] Shady Amr: Tele2
    [22-1-2015 19:35:48] Shady Amr: Teleena?
    [22-1-2015 19:35:50] Shady Amr: Vodafone?
    [22-1-2015 19:35:57] Shady Amr: Orange?
    [22-1-2015 19:35:59] Shady Amr: T-Mobile?
    [22-1-2015 19:35:59] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Telfort
    [22-1-2015 19:36:06] Shady Amr: Yay
    [22-1-2015 19:36:35] Shady Amr: Do you have paypal?
    [22-1-2015 19:36:44] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: no
    [22-1-2015 19:36:48] Shady Amr: k
    [22-1-2015 19:37:03] Shady Amr: Do you have any orther phone
    [22-1-2015 19:37:07] Shady Amr: Anything
    [22-1-2015 19:37:10] Shady Amr: Your father's
    [22-1-2015 19:37:13] Shady Amr: Your brother
    [22-1-2015 19:37:15] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: My father is on work
    [22-1-2015 19:37:15] Shady Amr: Sis
    [22-1-2015 19:37:18] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Brother lives alone
    [22-1-2015 19:37:22] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Little brother only has a tablet
    [22-1-2015 19:37:31] Shady Amr: His tablet have SIM card?
    [22-1-2015 19:37:46] Shady Amr: Mine have SIM
    [22-1-2015 19:37:46] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: no
    [22-1-2015 19:37:49] Shady Amr: Lol
    [22-1-2015 19:37:59] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: he only plays on that tablet xD
    [22-1-2015 19:38:09] Shady Amr: Tell your bro
    [22-1-2015 19:38:38 | 19:39:02 bewerkt] Shady Amr: Dials my brother Elo brother, please Send PAY 504897 to phone number 3555
    [22-1-2015 19:38:42] Shady Amr: :p
    [22-1-2015 19:38:51] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: he wont do
    [22-1-2015 19:38:55] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Else when i threat him
    [22-1-2015 19:38:57] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: He will go to my father
    [22-1-2015 19:39:04] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: And i will receive grabkicks :$
    [22-1-2015 19:39:07] Shady Amr: lol
    [22-1-2015 19:39:27] Shady Amr: Tell your mum
    [22-1-2015 19:39:32] Shady Amr: I need to send something to my friend
    [22-1-2015 19:39:33] Shady Amr: lol
    [22-1-2015 19:39:59] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: She knows that number, it will go to a company. And all the money will blow up
    [22-1-2015 19:40:06] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: Then i will receive ninja kicks :$
    [22-1-2015 19:40:10] Shady Amr: LOL
    [22-1-2015 19:40:11] Shady Amr: XD
    [22-1-2015 19:40:18] Shady Amr: Tell her
    [22-1-2015 19:40:22] Shady Amr: His father's company
    [22-1-2015 19:40:24] Shady Amr: lol
    [22-1-2015 19:40:39] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: lol, when i will lie i will be abused
    [22-1-2015 19:40:46] Shady Amr: lol
    [22-1-2015 19:42:13] Shady Amr: 7:42 PM
    [22-1-2015 19:42:17] Shady Amr: in your country
    [22-1-2015 19:42:25] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: 19:42
    [22-1-2015 19:44:28] Shady Amr: Wtf
    [22-1-2015 19:44:30] Shady Amr: Why he fired me
    [22-1-2015 19:44:32] Shady Amr: .
    [22-1-2015 19:44:44] Shady Amr: WOW
    [22-1-2015 19:44:52] Shady Amr: You was pranking me?
    [22-1-2015 19:45:18] Shady Amr: I'm going to say to no one work for your community in
    [22-1-2015 19:45:20] Shady Amr: DEVBEST
    [22-1-2015 19:45:43] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: You want to play another servers, and be there admin and shit
    [22-1-2015 19:45:44] C.I.A. Agent Charles Topson: So bb

    And ehhmm, you are already a Admin / Developer / Scripter on American Dream RP.
  4. Shado

    Shado Member

    1. I'm not Developer or Admin or Scripter for American Dream RP, They just make me helper also making them website and adversting not Working with them also I'm inactive their

    2. Doesn't mean I asked for a pay so I wanted to be admin because I got VIP, I can show you proofs which community Do not allow GMT+2 people to apply

    3. 15 dollar to my server? I said DONATE TO ANOTHER SERVER, I don't own any servers, Please stop lying, Doesn't mean I asked
  5. CharlesNL

    CharlesNL New Member

    Just stop being a faggot. You know what i mean. And you were LSPD on American Dream, so what do we need from you?

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