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Revcms Mango RP edit

Discussion in 'Habbo Releases' started by MrLogic, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. MrLogic

    MrLogic Member

    Hey Devbest,I recently edited mango theme for my RP.This is my first edit, so bare with me.

    What does this include?:
    *Jobs Page
    *Business Page
    *Crime Page
    *Property Page (so-so)

    Me page:
    Business Page:
    Jobs Page:
    Property Page:
    Crime Page:(so-so)
    Business Page extensions (e.g "Police Crew) I will only show 1 of them as they are the same:
    Download [ Want to see this link? Register ! ].

    Don't trust?Don't download.Enjoy!

    25% Me-For edit
    25% dannyy94-Mango Theme
    50% Kryptos-Revcms maker
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  2. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    Thanks for releasing this, Im sure it will help people, but dont forget to give credits.
  3. Syst3m

    Syst3m New Member

    It looks very ugly...
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  4. MrLogic

    MrLogic Member

    Reason before you hate so i can improve?
  5. Records

    Records Professional

    good release, looks decent. theres hardly any themes but this one is good welldone 9/10
  6. Records

    Records Professional

    Ill edit it and show you it add me on fb Rob Jurgen
  7. drake1234

    drake1234 Member

    If your releasing a cms, atleast make Roleplay Swfs including emulator so people, can acutally use this release, it looks fine, so i give it 7/10 mainly because swfs/emu wasn't involved. add my skype, justinrawr12 as i need working swfs/emu
  8. Khalil

    Khalil Divine Motherfucker

    To whoever wants the original revRP theme release: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
  9. jayk

    jayk Retired Habbotard.

    Oh my geez, this isn't great. But, good work! Developing a RP at the moment!
  10. MrLogic

    MrLogic Member

    This is a theme release not a cms.And since when did people include a emu and swfs for revcms?
  11. dizzym8

    dizzym8 New Member

    Nice dedicated server and it`s a copy from a cms i have already seen before crediting your own as peoples

  12. MrLogic

    MrLogic Member

    It is not someone elses,i edited mango dipshit.And where the fuck do you see a dedi retard?
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  13. Syst3m

    Syst3m New Member

    Are you stupid? I don't need to give a "reason" or "reasons" of why it's ugly? Look at it, all you did was edited RevCMS (Mango). You didn't really do much, looks like you just renamed a bit and added on some stuff. You noob.
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  14. MrLogic

    MrLogic Member

    Read the title. "MANGO EDIT"
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  15. jiee

    jiee New Member

    archived this on my website and created a mirror for you
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
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  16. Lucid

    Lucid New Member

    It's a good start, nothing special though. Good release either way :D
  17. Hablux_Hotel

    Hablux_Hotel New Member

    MrLogic Do you have FB if you do add Jack Habbo with the same pic as mine
  18. OM3GA

    OM3GA Member

    Thank , gonna use this.. :)
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  19. Sankru

    Sankru Sankru Sins

    It's broken, either that or can you include how to setup? Where is the config?
  20. MrLogic

    MrLogic Member

    This isnt a whole cms,just extract Mango to app\tpl\skins folder in revcms,and should work.

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