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RevCMS Habbo Theme EDIT

Discussion in 'CMS Releases' started by Ryabs, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Ryabs

    Ryabs Christmas Donator

    Hey Could Anyone Try This Edit On Their Hotel I Made And Give Me Link to It ;o Thanks

    Index: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Me: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Thanks To Xenous For Coding the Index Page!
  2. Meds

    Meds New Member

    Any Screenies..?
  3. Kristopher

    Kristopher Photographer

    Yeah screenshots man and is it exploit proof?
  4. Archaos

    Archaos Flying High.

    It's a skin, of course it's exploit proof. I think he's asking for someone to test it so he can see what it looks like and then he able to supply the screenshots.
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  5. Kristopher

    Kristopher Photographer

    urmm i beleive staff pages need Sql and its not worth if it aint got that cuz i gotta make it myself and im lazy..
  6. Archaos

    Archaos Flying High.

    Yes, they do but I assume it's an edit and that the staff page isn't there or that he is using Hejula's.
  7. Kristopher

    Kristopher Photographer

    Never know but anyways back on topic
  8. Archaos

    Archaos Flying High.

    That was on-topic, I'll be sure to test this out tomorrow, it's to early in the morning at the moment. I'll post some screen-shots while I'm at it aswell.
  9. Spartak

    Spartak Member

    srsly i can't code without a live preview idk how you did x_x

    i can give you link only when you get on
  10. Kristopher

    Kristopher Photographer

    No screenshots yet ;/ looks like ima have to download it
  11. Zak

    Zak Posting Freak

    Why not just hosted it Locally on localhost?

    ~ Zak - Producer of RevEmulation
  12. rickymenier

    rickymenier Member

    I see nothing different about this.
    only the index is an ugly purple.
    no point in downloading guys
    Muscab likes this.
  13. RazorKitteh

    RazorKitteh Elite Kitty

    Thanks me liek <3<3 How do I get HK to work?
  14. Ryabs

    Ryabs Christmas Donator

    The Housekeeping isnt Edited ;o And Ill Give Printys Now XD
  15. Tom...

    Tom... Awesome

    Direct links are broken so here....


  16. Brennen

    Brennen hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

    I thought you werent relasing this Cormac?
  17. kiosud

    kiosud New Member

    It's full of exploits :L i tried it on my old hotel (Cabbo) and it fails. the skin is called test isnt it?

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