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(release) Xmas 2018 Catalog Banner


-Hotel Owner, -CustomsDeveloper, -Plusemur2
Hello everyone, I did some updating to my hotel today as we transition into the new month away from Halloween and into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. It seems that Habbo wont be releasing any furni for Thanksgiving so I went ahead and got a head start on the Christmas Furni. I will be doing a Thanksgiving Themed room competition on my hotel later this month, and a Christmas Themed room competition next month. Habbo also released a New LTD for the month of December with the Christmas Furni
For those without the New Christmas 2018 furni it can be found here --->https://devbest.com/threads/christm...-and-newest-clothing-not-newb-friendly.87084/

Any way moving onto the release i want to share for this thread are two banners for the catalog that I made, Enjoy--- They are made to fit correctly


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