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[Release] Transparent Habbo.swf [R63]

Discussion in 'Habbo Releases' started by RetroeXpert, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. RetroeXpert

    RetroeXpert New Member

    Well guys, Im releasing a transparent SWF from my hotel, ( Might need to add these codes in your external_flash_texts.txt File)

    mod.t=MOD Tools
    nav.i=<Hotel Name> Navigator
    m.t.b=Hotel Reports
    i=User Info
    mod.room.tools=Room Tools
    mod.chat.log=Room Chatlog
    inve.title=My Stuff
    ver.las.siguientes.reportes.issu=Release all
    u.md=MOD Actions
    ab.cf=Abuse CFHs
    i.r.e=Last Room Visit
    i.l.e=Last Room Leave
    m.rr.i=Room Tools


    Hope you enjoy!
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  2. Find

    Find I love classily

    Already been released?
  3. Li1M0ST3Rz

    Li1M0ST3Rz I <3 Bianca

    Are you stupid or something [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] isnt the file held. and nice
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  4. RetroeXpert

    RetroeXpert New Member

    Some links are outdated :oops:
  5. lose123

    lose123 Member

    Yeah, Already released, plus I recently used it so yeah.

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Sorry to be the one with bad news.
  6. TinyBuilder

    TinyBuilder Bike ✔

    Thanks for the link! Been searching this for ages :p
  7. lose123

    lose123 Member

    No probs, i'll help in any way I can :)
  8. Night

    Night Active Member

    I saw this and I kind of dislike it. It does have some decent looks sometimes though. Nice release.
  9. Sab

    Sab I love milfs.

    Pwn! Thanks for this.
  10. Causem

    Causem Member

    The Transparency is instantly ugly, just to me, because sometime, you cant see stuff, but Nice release.
  11. L4SSE

    L4SSE New Member

    Oh, no credits to me. #FY!
    I found the Habbo.swf on a spanish hotel, and edited it alot, and after released it on RZ.
  12. Causem

    Causem Member

    I thought this thread was about transparent swfs...
  13. Zephyrus

    Zephyrus CephalusCMS Developer

    nice release
  14. TinyBuilder

    TinyBuilder Bike ✔

    Nice Release. Thanks for this :)
  15. Retrohelp

    Retrohelp New Member

    Hey allways i've got the same problem
    I can't click on the shop or go to a room
    I think it is something on the images
    have someone a idea
  16. Keyla

    Keyla wat.

    Good release. Thanks for this. ;)
  17. CosmoTrigger

    CosmoTrigger Member

    It's a really nice release but a few things would make it better:


    Make the Friends blend in with the background, also the exit button doesn't match.

    I haven't personally tested this working so i'm going by the images.
    The credits, pixels and days left for vip look really blurry.

    Besides that though, this is a really great release!
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  18. RetroeXpert

    RetroeXpert New Member

    I will be editing the errors on this, no worries ;)

    I'll be fixing the images and stuff like that
  19. Baevus

    Baevus ~ Web Developer ~

    I fucking released this you noob.
    On an alternative account.
    Fucking remove it.
    Or atleast give me credit.
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