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[Release] RevCMS Habbo Theme EDIT [ NEW! ]

Discussion in 'CMS Releases' started by Tash, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Tash

    Tash Hi.

    Hey DevBest ,

    Well im just gonna release the cms ive edited ,
    since im quitting the habbo world, You can have it,
    pointless keeping the cms on my computer when i quit retros ? right ? Well heres some few screenshot of the cms ive edited:

    Well , i released this few weeks ago on otaku and R Z forum and didnt release here as i lost my account :/
    and this is my new account , so i thought im gonna release it here for ya guys ,
    alot of people liked this release. i be making a v2 since alot of people liked this cms ive edited and using to their hotel:)

    Index Page:

    Register Page:

    Me Page:

    Heres Download Link: Download [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    If you dont trust, dont download.

    Also goodluck with your hotel's^^ .

    Bye ,
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  2. Adidas

    Adidas Retro Developer

    Nice release! :up: Glad to see people contributing!
  3. DaLightz

    DaLightz See ya'll in the afterlife.

    Ohh, so your're the tashia luvs you person?
    Ont: Nice release.
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  4. Tash

    Tash Hi.

    Yes:) and thanks.
  5. themaster2012

    themaster2012 Member

    i dont like the register page but i like the me page:D
  6. Gajeel

    Gajeel Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Tashia. And ooeerr, does the theme has advertisements? As it's seen on the screenshot ~ we hate all ads personally, but good release & edit as well. ;)
  7. Paradocs

    Paradocs LieWise Developer!

    This theme was made by Craig/ Eric (i used this for my hotel long ago)
  8. Gajeel

    Gajeel Well-Known Member

    facepalm.jpg Dude, what are you talking about? This was released on 3 forums including DevBest.
  9. Paradocs

    Paradocs LieWise Developer!

    This theme was made by my freind
  10. Gajeel

    Gajeel Well-Known Member

    Ooohhh, a noob friend of yours claiming someone's work? This is also the theme you used on Electric before. It was Tashia's original work bro.
    ONT: Good work still Tashia! Sad to see you leaving the Habbo world.. or not? :up:
  11. Andeh

    Andeh the best cis-boy

    Putting who made is aside, I like the theme ;)
  12. Tash

    Tash Hi.

    Hah? theme was made by Craig / eric ? lol before erik asked me if he can use this theme ive edited that time i didnt released this theme.
    Stop trolling , and this is my work.

    Theres a quickregister that someone released you can use it:)

    Thanks , and yes it has ads.
    i forgot to remove some.
  13. DaLightz

    DaLightz See ya'll in the afterlife.

    If you mean theme you must mean the header & backround images? Becuase this was released on 3 different forums without one comment that was flamed.
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  14. Brennen

    Brennen hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

    fix dl link!
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  15. Tash

    Tash Hi.

    Download link above.
    its working.
  16. Bunsy

    Bunsy New Member

    This is all Tashia's work but I have to edit her edit since she was to lazy to fix the pages, plus the All Seeking Eyes housekeeping is very bugged. facepalm.jpg I then gave it to my amigos. ;) I never said it was my work, In the footer it said 'Owned & Managed By Craig/Eric'.
    Great theme though, I saved my theme but when I tried to reinstall it the files came out corrupted so here I am trying to get it back and do everything back.:)
  17. Joshua_Pua

    Joshua_Pua New Member

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  18. Tash

    Tash Hi.

    hehe yes i was too lazy but i might release a v2 so yeee
  19. ChunkyCurry

    ChunkyCurry Member

    Very Nice May use :)
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  20. bulletproof

    bulletproof Member

    Have you set it up properly?
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