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[Release] BcStorm Compatible database for UberCMS 2.0

Discussion in 'Habbo Releases' started by iRekan, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. iRekan

    iRekan XboxOneFTW!

    Well, I found this on rz on wanted to release this here. It works 100% with UberCMS 2.0 as I tested before.

    Credits; 99.99% jambokill (Of RZ) For releasing
    0.01$ me for releasing.

    Link; [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Click like if I helped :)
  2. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    $ for you? Sure you mean %

    Also you didn't release you shared.

    Nethertheless nice share I'm sure some people will put in to good use
  3. Brought

    Brought -______-

    Thank you alot for the share.
    I'm currently hosting a bcstorm on my localhost to add fixes and see what I can edit myself / practice some coding a bit and I will implement this and also make some UberCMS edits.
  4. LeRebel

    LeRebel <=Da Real Chris=>

    Thanks for this <3 <3

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