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Cold as ice.
I made the majority of these resources back when I developed SARPG, it was never completed and the project has been disbanded. Instead of letting these resources go to waste I'll release them here for you noobs to use.

  • SAadmin ~ This resource contains many features such as restarting other resources, to set this up you'll need to navigate to the development folder, open up dev_s.lua and add your name to the author table, it will list all of your resources for you. If it does not recognize an author then it'll show the resource on the community tab. To use this you'll need to edit your ACL and add yourself as a Founder. Some features are incomplete but it shouldn't be too hard to finish them.
  • Housing ~ I released this on the MTA official forums a while back, well released bits of it. You still can't sell / buy a house yet but the base has been done.
  • SAaccounts ~ You probably won't need this, this just has exports for account saving and shit like that.
  • SAchat ~ This resources contains local chat and zone chat.
  • SAemployment ~ Employment system.
  • SAhud ~ Just a basic player counter at the bottom of your screen.
  • SAteams ~ Teams handler
  • SAlogin ~ Login panel
  • SAspawn ~ Spawn handler
  • SAvehicles ~ Contains SAnoSpeedBlur and SAvehicleHud.
This isn't just extract and go, you'll need to have SAaccounts for most of these resources and you'll have to edit some resources. You'll need to know a bit of Lua and how MTA's framework is structured to make any use of these resources.


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