[Rel] Both MEPHP v1 And v2 [Rel]

Hi Guys, I Coded These Ages Ago And Just Decided To Put Them On CodePen And Then I Realised Why Not Put Them On Devbest They Were My First Ever Web Designs So Dont Judge Me Please.

V1: [ To view this link you must register here. ]
V2: [ To view this link you must register here. ]

V1 - [ To view this link you must register here. ]
V2 - [ To view this link you must register here. ]

Like I Said They Are My First Ever Projects They Were Made 8 Years Ago So Please Do Not Judge.

I Hope You Enjoy :D!
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Nothing special. Your design is horrible (no offence)

Just checked out your cms "Skyblue" its not a CMS. Its just another template


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The version one template looks better than the version 2 template. Just the color usage is really bad so I'm not going to prefer that at all and just use other colors not these ones because they make it look bad.


I haven't seen any good work coming from your side. You can judge but you can't say that you've done better. I'm glad that he's proud with what he presented here,


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I personally like Version 2 better, here's why:

Version 1:
-There is no real surrounding around the navigation text.
-The navigation text isn't designed and is just a normal <a href="url">Text</a>, therefore the reason it's blue and underlined.
-The color choices are horrible. For example: When you click on a pages navigation text, it turns a weird color and does not fit.
-The Logo is off to the left way too much, maybe align it to the center?
-The footer has no design, nor does the body. It's just too plain and makes it look blah.
-The text alignments inside the body is really awkward to read, maybe justify it!
Rating: 0/10

Version 2:
-The login is way too simple, and does not fit the website, I'd hate to take a look at the registration page.
-There is no true area for the logo, it's just too simple up there.
-The navigation text needs to be lowered a little, as it is way to high on the navigation bar.
-There is no true footer, which makes it look like you just didn't feel up to making one so just threw it in the body, not good.
-No true design at all.
Although you learned from your previous version, you should make a new one, as I'm sure you've improve since the last year!
Rating: 3.2/10

Good luck on Version 3, hope you take these into suggestion!

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