PS4 v Xbox


You're a slave to the money then you die
Jul 20, 2013
In terms of the libraries of each console, I think everyone can agree that ps4 is the victor just because of it's successful launch.
Though, the Xbox has some really cool features like windows/xbox/microsoft unification to play on your pc, xbox also allows multitasking with apps when playing games (i think atleast?).

For me, it'd be the debate of "Do i want to purchase this game on PC or console?". A perfect example would be CoD WW2.
On PC, CoDWW2 is already hacker ridden. And TDM is the most populated playlist, always, on any CoD on PC.
So, CoDWW2 would be one of those games that i'd prefer to play on console.
But single player games, almost always are best on PC because of mouse+keyboard/usb controller and graphic freedom.


Dec 9, 2012
Both are good in their own unique ways. I personally prefer PS4. Xbox allows you to multitask - Do things at the same time whilst playing Games, which seems quite pointless because it would distract you from the game, if you get what I mean? But PS4, you can also multitask, and have Spotify in the background or something, but multitasking isn't quite as advantaged on the PS4 than the Xbox. I'd say PS4 is for the players! ;)


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Aug 25, 2014
Real q is which servers are better? PS4 or Xbox?
Personally, its PS4 // PSN


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Feb 15, 2018
I mean, they both run the same games. Just on different consoles. Lmao.

I'd say he meant console exclusives. The PS4 has a much superior catalog compared to Xbox that being said I still prefer the Xbox I think now that the X has finally been finished Microsoft will now push for more exclusive titles and be more gamer focused.


You're a slave to the money then you die
Jul 20, 2013
Man I just noticed, it feels like the PS4 and XBone are brand new but they're already 5 years old

damn does time fly by or what


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Jun 10, 2012
I've always used Xbox really, apart from when I was a kid and played the PS1/PS2. I owned a PS4 about a year ago and everything on it is so slow to do, it feels a lot more complicated than the Xbox 360 did although I've never owned an Xbox One.

I probably wouldn't buy another PS4 so I'd stick with Xbox.

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