GTA V [PS4 1.76] AZURA 1.1


Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.
Note: The following is only for 1.76 PS4's, and because of that, is not able to be used online. It has been tested and confirmed working on both the US (CUSA00419) and EU (CUSA00411) game regions. It is currently unknown if it will work on the JP (CUSA00880) region. It will only work on version 1.00 of GTA 5, which means there are no updates or dlc.

I'm sure many of you saw the preview for this back in December. I have added a few thing since then as well as rewritten the entire thing to call natives by hash so as to not have to change a hundred addresses for a different game region (stupid decision to call them by address in the first place, I know). However, the menu remains extremely simple because of the memory and coding limitations set forth by the code injection method I use to make this work at all. Everything is done within the payload, there is no outside tool. The payload will also enable debug settings and spoof your firmware version to 9.99. I do plan to release some sample code for calling natives from a webkit payload in the near future. I also plan to eventually add more to this menu.

  1. Navigate to on your PS4
  2. Press the load azura button
  3. Exit web browser with home button (NOT CIRCLE)
  4. Launch GTA 5 (Make sure GTA was not already running or else this will not work)
  5. Open menu with right dpad + square and enjoy

Common Issues
  • Failed To Detect GTA V Notification - Make sure you load the payload before launching GTA to avoid this. This may also happen if you have the JP region of GTA V.
  • Exploit Failed Notification - Just restart your console and try again.
  • No Notifications - Restart console as well.
  • Console Crash After Loading Payload - This will randomly happen and not much can be done about it. This is a crash within the kernel so the PS4 will just turn off and you will be unable to turn it back on with a controller. Just press the power button on the console a few times and it will boot into safe mode and eventually back to the normal dashboard.

  • BadChoicesZ - Notifications code
  • ZiL0G80 - Disable process ASLR address
  • Zecoxao - Firmware version spoof address
  • kR105 - Dlclose exploit sample code
  • CTurt, flatz, SKFU, droogie, Xerpi, bigboss, Hunger, Takezo, Proxima - PS4 SDK and background research making all this possible
  • CherryBomb, Je Modz, KKE_RW - Beta testing
  • 2much4u - Release & Azura
  • Me - Placing this shit on DevBest.

- Initial release

- Added money options
- Added bodyguard options
- Added weapon options
- Added world options
- Added time options
- Added weather options
- Added traffic options
- Added pedestrian options
- Added IPL options
- Added mobile radio, super run, explosive melee, and noclip to player options
- Added random components, pogo, pig, chop, and mountain lion to model changer
- Added super speed, invisibility, and mod shop to vehicle options
- Added Vacca, Zentorno, Dump Truck, Duke of Death, and Liberator to vehicle spawner
- Added all weapons to give weapons
- Added various error messages
- Tweaked rainbow vehicle to switch colors more smoothly
- Tweaked vehicle spawner submenu to use localized vehicle names
- Tweaked vehicle spawner to retain speed of previous vehicle
- Tweaked vehicle godmode to automatically fix vehicle
- Tweaked waypoint teleport to teleport underground less often
- Tweaked menu design
- Fixed unlimited ammo turning off when changing models
This thread will be kept up to date from it's original, as some of you seem to not like using Google to find anything. I take no real credits for this, but just releasing it here on this forum.

Note: This is not a help thread, if you have an issue, you can figure it out yourself, or post a help thread.
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Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.
By any chance do you have the link for the 1.76 Update so I can go back to it.
As far as it comes to my knowledge, you cannot roll back in updates upon any console.

PS3's had an E3 Flasher, theres nothing found for PS4 or made yet that would allow you to downgrade. Also what you find on Google will be useless because since PS4's updates has past Firmware 2.x.x roll backs have been stopped.


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Ah right, so this basically can never be used is what you're trying to say.

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