Post pictures of your setup!


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Jul 10, 2010



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Aug 26, 2011

Just finally got this all pieced together. Originally was supposed to be one desk but instead a 6 quart rice cooker arrived. The little cart on the right slides off into the closet and along with everything else pictured is in the middle of having its contents rearranged (like your mom when I'm over for the night). Behind the Jack & coke is a little metal vertical laptop holder that contains my mac when I'm running it in clamshell mode, and when it's elsewhere the keyboard and trackpad are held by the very same mount. My speakers are on the other side of the room which is currently encased in boxes and other miscellanea yet to be organized. My whole organizational theory here is that electronic components and smaller tools correlated to such work (solder suckers, flux etc) is in the black organizer on the desk while the projects themselves are contained in boxes / drawers in the mobile cabinets under the desk. Larger tools (hammers, rulers, diagnostic computers) go in the silver slider and are less frequently used so they're hidden away in the closet most of the time. The reason I opted with this instead of something like a big ass single organization unit is that this allows me modularity to take up nearly all available walking space with desk space so I can have laptop, desktop, soldering station, documenting, proof/breadboarding etcetc all at once. My projects typically span months so it's important to be able to divide the sections up and move it out of the way when it's time to pause and return to reality. Basically it's like a fold out expanding desk that contains an ungodly amount of computers.

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