[PLUSEMU] User not showing correctly


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Oct 11, 2021
So, I was having this 76% error on the client, I found out a solution on this forum where a user uses another Habbo.swf, which they left the file on their post. So, moving on, I found out another error. I think this PLUSEMU emulator is having a lot of bugs, I just want to use it because I saw a lot of people working on commands and things that may be util that aren't available on Aracturus Morningstar's Emulator, which I've been using and works 10/10, besides the fact that I'm not able to find plugins that enables commands like I saw for PLUSEmu.
Following my problem, this is what we've got:

Users not visible on room view
Users not matching their looks on the bar to the ones they have on profile/completed profile view

An SS will be attached below for you to see the problem.
Thank you in advance!


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Apr 14, 2016
Open your Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language.
Click the 'Additional settings...' button, change the decimal symbol from , to . and apply the changes.

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