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If you're looking for a new and refreshing take on roleplay with new features and a stable hotel, look no further than Peak Apex.
After the success we had with previous version of Peak, with Apex we were looking to do something new. Gone are uninspiring stats such as "Strength", uninteresting teleportation like ":taxi", and boring unfun commands to play against such as ";pull & ;push".

We have also added brand new features never seen before on other roleplay, with plenty more to come.

Spoiler'ed below is a compilation of our key features, there's quite a lot of information as this is pasted from our own forum where we were doing spotlights while we finished development, you can just look at the pictures and gifs to get a rough idea of each!


Skills are a core aspect game which give you access to a large variety of different actions, abilities and items available in Apex. They are one of the first things you will do on Apex and make up an important part of the game. There are a lot of skills which all do something unique, but the system is simple to understand.

When you register your account, you will receive a tier 1 skill for free. Any other skills you wish to learn will cost money.

Skills can be levelled up to increase their power/performance by earning experience, which is gained while performing actions belonging to that skill. Each skill is affected by its level in their own way - such as reduced gathering times, better chances at performing actions or increased power of the ability the skill provides.

You can forget and change skills at any time you like. An example of when someone might do this is if they want to become a cop on the account and want to have defensive/heal skills - or someone might wish to forget their farming skills to focus on fighting. You can do that however, you have to purchase the skills and will lose your XP/levels from your previous skills.


Skills are split into 3 tiers - tier 1, 2 and 3. You have 4 skills slots which can be used for two tier 1, one tier 2 and one tier 3 skills, this is pictured below with all of the skills available (costs are still to be decided).

There are a range of different skills targeted at people who want to play the game in different ways. As we've touched on already there are farmer skills in tier 1 as well as healer abilities, medic which gives you an instant burst heal and healer which farm and create medkits.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 skills are limited to 1 per user which means you're going to have to decide which one you find most interesting. For your gang, you will probably want to ensure you have a range of different options available to you when fighting instead of all taking the same T2/T3 skills.

With Apex comes a brand new police department, and a new arrest systems from the ground up. Our initial aim was to make being a cop more rewarding, more interesting and less complicated for both the police themselves as well as criminals. Knowing and remembering over 20 charges became tiresome and was a barrier to many wanting to be a more casual cop.


To make the system simpler to use while still having varying degrees of punishment we have moved to a GTA-style star wanted level. You no longer specify any charges, cops will simply :charge x, which will apply 1 star. An optional number may be added at the end if you wish to add multiple stars in one go.

Only APD Officers will see the wanted list from now on, if you are wanted you will see your wanted level under the minimap (shown below). Also, as shown below, APD Officers can be identified on the user's mini profile (which now looks like that)


We felt that tickets were far too accessible previously, with criminals being able to pay their way out of huge amounts of crime which was bad for the economy due to the fact items/weapons were rarely lost. You will now only be able to pay a ticket up to 2 stars, which will be equivalent to 1 murder (still auto charged) or 2 individual crimes. This is hard coded meaning cops will be physically unable to offer tickets over that wanted level. You will lose your weapons if you are arrested with any amount of stars, there is a trade off for not taking a ticket.

Officers will no longer earn a wage, but will still earn money from any tickets they issue, as well as for arresting criminals. The money a cop receives scales with the wanted level of the user, meaning catching higher wanted criminals gives you a much better payout.


Officers will now receive a pair of handcuffs when they restock at HQ and are limited to 1 pair at any one time. These cuffs are as you would expect in real life, if Haze cuffs Khalid, the cuffs are consumed and disappear from his inventory. He will then be unable to cuff any other user until he has either uncuffed, ticketed, or arrested Khalid. If, for any reason, Haze loses Khalid while he is cuffed, he will be required to go back to the HQ and obtain a new set of handcuffs.

Cuffed users are no longer frozen in place, if you are obstructed from a cop, causing you to be dropped, you are able to freely move as you would in real life. You will be unable to interact or do anything else that normally requires hands! Cops are able to stun you again to reclaim you, and other users will be able to escort you if they get next to you still. This means you are able to run for your life if a cop drops you. However, you are now automatically escorted when an officer cuffs you, so the random chance of you being instantly stolen because someone hit a macro quicker has now gone.

Finally, an officer uncuffing someone now takes 1 second and must be uninterrupted (can't move, be pulled, hit etc)
With this change now in place, it seemed unreasonable that a cop should be able to instantly uncuff someone to be able to save them. If you've managed to steal an escort, cops should have to work together to get them back, not simply run and uncuff.


Apex features no prison. Instead, criminals are held at Holding Cells within the APD HQ, and this is where all officers need to go to arrest someone. Jailbreaking will be different to v2, and will involve killing actual cops instead of bots, but we'll cover that with crime information in the future.

Our new uniforms are now finally in and working properly with Body Armour. Our ranks have changed as well.
Cadet, Officer, Lieutenant, Captain & Chief


Pepper spray is one of a couple of new things we plan on giving to cops and is also given in your police loadout (as seen above in the inventory) - it causes the target to miss any hits they attempt as well as inflicts them with a visible screen affect (as if they're blinking) - GIF OF THAT -> [ To view this link you must register here. ]

We want this to be a deterrent when cops are facing multiple people and not something for general use because it's pretty strong with the same range as stun. As such, it will have a fairly high cooldown and cops should be saving it for actual emergencies, not every arrest.

Weapons are an important part of the game and provide the primary source of bonus damage in Apex. We decided early on that we want weapons to feel like a special item you've managed to obtain/upgrade rather than previously where every single user always had a sword. As such, the overall weapon system provides stronger weapons that are both harder to obtain and keep.

Mining Ores
Miners primary income is from mining ores, currently iron and coal, from the mine and selling that to the Blacksmith. Remember that Miner is a Tier 1 skill, and picking this will mean you have forego another skill, choose wisely!

Starting out, mining anything will take time - those who dedicate a decent time to it will level up to reduce the mining time for ores.

Ores are then taken to the blacksmith who will give you money for every ore you've mined.

Blacksmith & Weapon Purchasing
The blacksmith is a bot run business who will give money to miners for their ores as well as create weapons and items for you.

The catch with our new system is that the blacksmith requires a certain amount of iron and coal to make each weapon. For example, if you want to purchase a sword from him he must have 10 iron and 2 coal in stock. If miners have not stocked him up enough and he does not have enough, you won't be able to buy a weapon.

The stock he has available as well as how much of both ores he needs to make are visible in the blacksmith UI. The blacksmith currently sells axes, swords, throwing axes and lock picks.

Once you've got your weapon - great! You have bonus flat damage secured.

Now available to anyone with the Tier 3 Inventor skill is the ability to upgrade weapons to add bonus effects to them. We currently have 2 upgrades available with the chances of another one appearing before we open or sometime in the future.

Weapon upgrading is a big time investment, currently set at 2 hours and can give you:
  • Lifesteal - Heal for a percentage of the damage you hit on enemies.
  • Bleed - The chance to cut your target on hit causing them to bleed out for extra damage over the next few seconds.
With the goal to increase the value on weapons as well as the strength, the trade off is that the loss of weapons is now more common.
Being arrested for any length of time results in the loss of your weapons.
Your weapon still has durability and will break once you have used it all, there is no way to repair weapons. With that said the overall durability on weapons has been increased a fair amount compared to v2.
Linked below (warning: very large image) is our brand new map for the city of Apex.


Apex map has a total of 19 outer rooms compared to v2 which had 35.
This means less room changing while keeping a similar size map by increasing the size of each room. As well as this every outside room on the map is room ads (pictures) which reduces the amount of furni you are loading alot.

Link to the map which will be updated if we make any changes between now and opening: [ To view this link you must register here. ]

Link above to the full size image

As you will be able to see the map features a number of dead end's, there's is hardly any spots to simply infinitely loop around like you were previously able to meaning running away constantly is going to be a much more difficult task.


Teleport poles are the quickest option to teleport to set points on the map, there's currently 3 at opposite corners and will allow you to teleport.
The use of these poles costs 25c / 15 energy (less for VIP) and it takes 3 seconds to teleport, moving or being hit during that time will cancel it.

As shown, the teleport poles are in set spots so you are restricted to exactly where you can teleport too.
For your information it lists the nearby buildings to each pole. We will be open to adding more spots to teleport to if the map ends up increasing in size over the life of Apex which may happen.


Skateboards are a new VIP perk which are available for free to anyone who is a VIP.

To be very clear this is aimed at simply getting around the map quicker now there is no taxi. Some examples of use may include: a fast way to visit your friends at the pub, getting to the turf as fast as possible to defend your gang. What it will not do is give any advantage while fighting or fleeing from cops.

You will not be able to mount your skateboard while: you are in combat or have aggression, you are wanted by the APD, you are working (cops).

You can toggle the skateboard to be active and not active as you can with macros, so feel free to turn it off if you don't want to use it for a while!
Lastly, the skateboard is only active on roads and pavements, so you'll have to pick your route when roaming the map or you'll fall off!

As we've previously noted, turfs are going to be a huge source of income on Apex and fighting, controlling and keeping ownership of your turf is going to be important to making profit not only. We have not altered the claiming and defending system so that is the same as V2.

Turf Money
Money gets put in your gang safe for a variety of criminal activities around the city:
  • Killing enemy gang members (Gang Level in £)
  • Killing APD officers (£200)
  • Jailbreaking users from the holding cells (Gang Level in £)
  • Sucessfully lock picking someone (Gang Level in £)
The longer you hold a turf the more money you get added to your safe - each amount above increases by 10% every 30 minutes you own the turf up to 50% bonus money.
For example, if you hold a turf for 1 hour you will get a 20% bonus on money going into your turf, so you will receive £240 for killing an APD officer instead of £200.

Turf HQ
Once you own a turf you will have access to your turf HQ, only your gang can enter the HQ - no allies or normal users.
This is a safe space for you and your gang to heal up and chill out.

Inside the Turf HQ you get access to the online blackmarket via your laptops. This is how you convert any stolen items from heists into real money for your gang. You now place stolen items, up to 3 at a time, on the blackmarket. The money you make from them goes up the longer you leave them there, up to 30 minutes which is the maximum value. Summary - the longer you leave the items in there the more money you get from selling them. Any member of your gang can sell them at any time.

You will need to defend your turf - the items belong to the turf not the gang so if you lose your turf the new gang takes ownership and can sell your stolen items for money. You can not sell your items once your turf is under attack, and will have to defend it before you can do so.

We wanted to add a person touch to turfs and a such you'll see that the turf adapts automatically to your gang colours, as well as with the name of your gang printed on a wall. This is both outside on the map for everyone to see as well as inside your Turf HQ. The leader will also show as a bot inside.

This all dynamically updates when you update colors, gang name or when you take another gangs turf.


The casino remains in Apex but is no longer a corp. Anyone is able to go and bet each other on cards or dice. Cards is the same as it was in v1/v2 and now any 2 people can bet each other, it will randomly decide who picks first. The slot machines have received a new look and remain the same with better odds as from the stats on v2 it's clear they were very bad for the customer!

We still have 4 dice booths however, all the dice games are now coded and rolled automatically. The game will know who has won and announce it while giving the prize to the winner. We currently have poker, 21, 13, 1/3/5 hi&lo coded - if there's any other dice games people like let us know and we can get those added too.


World events are the new alternative to staff hosted events which were often few and far between. We currently have 3 ready for launch and aim to add a few more once we open. The game modes automatically rotate on a random basis and are all played out across the city.

  • Werewolves randomly spawn around the city and will attack anyone they can get their claws on
  • The top 3 players with the most werewolf kills at the end of the event win a prize based on their kills
  • 1st place wins a badge and additional coins

Zombie Infection
  • At the start of the event one person who joined will randomly be selected as the first zombie and will bite others, you will see who is in the game with the green sims enable and zombies have the zombie mask enable.
  • The game continues until there is only 1 person left who is the winner and receives coins and a badge
  • People who get the top 3 number of bits also win a prize

  • At the start of the event one person who joined will randomly be selected as the juggernaut, they receive 1800 HP and +30-50 attack damage
  • The aim of the game is to deal as much damage to the juggernaut to get top of the leaderboard, the top 3 damage done will win a prize
  • The juggernaut receives a prize based on the number of kills they managed to get during the event

As well as everything above which we did spotlights on during development we have:
  • A brand new Jailbreak which requires you to break into the Police Station, find the cell keys and break your friends out.
  • A custom coded marketplace allowing users to trade and sell their items
  • A custom coded Staff ticket system allowing for PM style interactions between players and staff
  • A working mini-map, showing you where you are, what's around and our map in general
  • Health bars which are now the only way to see your enemies health, no more kill stealing!
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Looks great guys, I have to check this out :) by far the most advanced Habbo role play I've ever seen :up:
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Been a while since I've seen something like this on launch :up:

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300+ players online so far and it's so smooth! Props on Peak Apex and wish the best of luck. I'm loving it so far.

Nice to see others slowly building some work up, testing, getting things perfect, before launching. Really does make the difference. Congrats.


Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.
Had to hit this thread again, holy shit man, from V1's BETA to now the changes I've seen are great! I hope to see what 2020 has for Peak.

Thanks for all the lovely comments x

Should probably clarify, we closed Apex and opened v4 at the beginning of August! Will get the thread updated if we're ever bored

Best resource for information and pretty pics is the wiki: [ To view this link you must register here. ]

There's a tutorial explaining a lot of the basics and concepts here: [ To view this link you must register here. ]

v4 takes the best parts of v1/v2 and Apex (v3)

- Corps are back with new manager term limits, allowing for more people to be manager than ever
- New promotion system with 5 tiers per rank - more promotions, more progression!
- Combined farming from Apex with corps with a new stock system - level up your farming skills, stock up corps for good money! Corps use stock to sell things
- In the update yesterday, we added back bombs from v3 and drugs from v2, as well as brand new armour upgrades and throwing bombs - lots to try!
- 9 heists and new crime with lots of new ideas, lots of ways to make money now
- Casino has a new game: blackjack and a lottery system which runs twice a week
- Public blackmarket to allow small gangs to heist and make money without owning a turf
- Plenty more with big updates at least every month... Come and check us out!

[ To view this link you must register here. ]

The wiki is a great resource for the game as well, all the heists are documented here, which is especially helpful if it's your first time doing any of them: [ To view this link you must register here. ]
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That's actual sad that it's own community fucked it. When will the Habbotards learn that most of these are built on good will for something for them to play and enjoy. Instead they get wrapped up in some bs online drama.

I hope that one day they make a return and their community realize what they're losing.
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