PC US Chernarus Fallen Angels PVP/PVE Traders, Airdrop, Drugs


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Mar 17, 2023
Fallen Angels PVP/PVE, Airdrops, Drugs, Traders.

US Based

Platform PC




Use whichever works better for you. Both end up in the same place.

What I have tried to create is a vanillish server so no base building plus. Vanilla building is the go here. Yes there are car mods and a couple of weapon mods but on the whole nothing outlandish.

I have also tried to create a balanced economy. You get a little cash to start along with some nonstandard freshie gear, nothing too special but a little better than normal. Most of the things you can do will earn you money. Want to go hunting there is a trader for that. Same goes for fishing. There is a bank account but that only holds so much after that you’ll have to stash your cash/gold. I didn’t want to make it hardcore or too easy and I hope I have found a balance between fun and challenging.

This is a PVE server with PVP areas during the week. On weekends the server goes full PVP. What does that mean. During the week no raiding or PVP outside of the areas marked by red circles on the map. On weekends all bets are off. Full map PVP and raiding. You can build in the red circles but that will mean your base will be raidable all the time.

There are also quiet a few custom areas on this map so plenty to explore.

Admins are around most of the time and will help when they can.

Many hours of creating and editing have gone into this and now all we need is for you to come and play.

Hope to see you soon.

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