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Mar 30, 2023

SupremaZ is a new server dedicated for every types of players, both PVE/PVP With many features and opportunities for all players to enjoy whilst playing at SupremaZ, Our server runs on the latest Ryzen 7 7000 Series Processor, alongside super fast NVME SSD and completely Dedicated to us to ensure you get the best performance when playing with us. We have a friendly community where you will always be welcome to talk, trade and discuss ideas and help the server grow to its best capabilities. Below are a list of our UNIQUE Features you will find across our server.


Our Features
  • Base Building Plus 2.
  • Custom Keycard Rooms around the map
  • DayZ Expansion Traders
  • Player to Player trading system
  • Custom in game map edits, including a all new Airfield design to ensure best PVP Action
  • Drugs and Cannabis
  • Mining system with ores and gems
  • Red falcon Helicopters and Boats
  • Garage parking system
  • Raiding on Friday evening (8PM CEST) until Sunday 23:59PM
  • Custom Car Packages
  • Simplistic trader design ensuring every item is easy obtainable and sold.
  • Custom black market area
  • Custom Clothing packages available!
  • Vehicles that you can shoot from whilst driving
  • Simple zombie setup, very close to vanilla
  • Full PvP on raid schedule
  • PVP Zones scattered around the map with forced 1st Person Perspective


Join our server now to enjoy all whats available. You will not regret it.

To join our server either use DZSA and Search SupremaZ, or use the default launcher and add this server IP and port to your favorites VIA Steam client > view > servers > add server > enter ip and add to favorites. This will allow the server to show as favorites on the DayZ Client Launcher.



Some ingame images are as follows





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