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[Open-Source] Blackbird [RP, r63]

Discussion in 'Server Releases' started by Tr0ll., Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Tr0ll.

    Tr0ll. Member

    CBA to write up some big description so if you don't know what it is google the name I do have a few youtube videos up. Yes this is an uber edit.

    Open sourced and you can get the database(Is it there..?) at [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    The folder is very dirty with experiments of mine. The source is kinda dirty because I also had upcoming features that I just abandoned.

    People who helped me!
    1. matty13
    2. scottstamp
    3. cecer1
    4. Sledmore
    5. Bean

    Am I forgetting someone..?

    Download Link: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Database Link Not sure if updated one [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Don't trust? Don't download.

    This should prove 100% that I am leaving Habbo

    k o/

    P.S.: I am expecting some likes..
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  2. ItsJamie

    ItsJamie Member

    thanks for this downloading it now
  3. Mango2735

    Mango2735 The Sexy One.

    Nice Work Man!
  4. Cablink

    Cablink http://www.vroleplay.net - join now!

    Nice, this will get in use by alot of Roleplay hotel owners.
  5. iDevon

    iDevon Developer

    Nice work, Btw all people who try to use this just a tip you need to disable the license system ;p
  6. Cablink

    Cablink http://www.vroleplay.net - join now!

    Oh yeah, you do since Cobe added a licence system, to sell the emu with licences like Aaron, but I guess he doesnt make much so..
    Off Topic: 2 more posts till 200 posts <3
  7. Phylo

    Phylo Many men wish death upon me. Staff Member

    I watched this develop, step by step. Nice release, Cobe! You've outdone yourself.
  8. Tr0ll.

    Tr0ll. Member

    That isn't the case at all, I couldn't sell it anymore due to some e-merchant issues.
  9. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer

    What did I remove?

    The 'Mock Installer'.
    The 'GUI' which wasn't used.
    Most of the Resharper bits, etc..
    Mysql.data - not needed..

    SWFs - Credits go to oleaa for them, I just put them on my website and set them up for you.
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    CMS - I didn't clean the folder structure, just did the 2 simple fixes so it would run for you.
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Emulator - Just removed the license check and cleaned up the folder structure, so it's easier for you.
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Database - Did nothing, just imported it to test it out.
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    How do I run this?


    1) Upload the database
    2) Put in your database information in setup.php
    3) Do the path and other options in setup.php
    4) Run setup.php ([ Want to see this link? Register ! ]).


    5) The SWFs have been left simple, just drag the 'data' folder to the root of your directory.
    6) Edit the IP in the data/gamedata/external_variables.txt - (it's defaulty, change to yours).
    7) Edit the IP in client.php (if your running this on your local machine as a test, this is all done same with SWFs).
    8) Edit the config file in the emulator.
    9) Run the emulator!

    NOTE: Each time you update setup.php - rerun the file.
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  10. RazorKitteh

    RazorKitteh Elite Kitty

    I cant get this working, on my VPS it just becomes a white page on the setup.php nothing more. and when i try go to my root after that, i get couldnt access database. and the client has this: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  11. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer

    You have to edit the file setup.php and then run it, I'd recommend you use the version I re-released/follow the guide.
  12. RazorKitteh

    RazorKitteh Elite Kitty

    yeah im trying but the setup.php is just blank when i enter it with my browser.
  13. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer

    Yes, that is the whole point, edit that file in notepad or anything else, then when done run the file then navigate back to the root.
  14. RazorKitteh

    RazorKitteh Elite Kitty

    tried doing that but I get, [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] << look.
  15. Rater

    Rater Member

    Sled The CMS Link is down
  16. toby

    toby New Member

    Rater u own a hotel
  17. Rater

    Rater Member

    Sled What MYSQL Connector Does a R63 Take?
  18. N0XuZ

    N0XuZ New Member

    Download for the CMS doesn't work. Please could you reupdate this?
  19. TheTappara

    TheTappara New Member

    when i go to my hotel, there is only cry-face :( Help me!
  20. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer

    Oh yeah, I updated the links, sorry:

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] - Main folder

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] - CMS.
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