[New] Downfall (No traders, Expansion) EU, 1PP, PC


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Sep 18, 2021
Server name: [New] Downfall (No traders, Expansion)


  • Expansion base building and group system
  • No safe zones and traders
  • Custom Content | Weapons, Gear, Items, Food
Discord for more information:

Settings they use

- First person view only

- No Traders. (only player to player trade, use#trading

- Extra weapons form different mods

- No Stamina

- Map (M) and (3d)markers + pings are enabled

- Expansion building

- Custom storage options from Mass'sManyItemOverhaul mod

- Car crash damage is redused

- Driving vehicles 3pp view is enabled

- Saline Bag+ To increase health, if you're not full

- Can refuel vehicles using gas pumps(No gas canister needed)

- Morphine to fix broken legs

- Ear plugs (P)

- Flip trantsport

- Raiding, 2 satchels or 4 rpg/law rockets for wall

- Airdrops every 60 minutes

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