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Hello, my name is Sarbaz and I've been part of the Habbo community since 2008 and stopped interacting with them in the year of 2016. So mathematically it's been a total of 3 years since I've been on Habbo or even on a Habbo Retro. I've developed, managed, or operated a few hotels in my years and some were successful projects and some were failures, though all of them were a learning experience for me. Many say Habbo Retros are dying and it is a waste of time opening one, but I thought to myself why not give it another shot? That being said...

Today I will be introducing a Habbo private server that will change the experience of all members of the Habbo Retro community. For the people who do not know what a Habbo Retro is, it's a free version of the original Habbo(.com) with more features and data that Habbo does not share with its community. The name of the server/hotel will be 'NaHabbo' (short for NewAgeHabbo). Basically to summarize this thread, I am looking to build a professional team of staff with individuals who won't just look into being staff for fun and to actually moderate, administrate, and manage the community and hotel. But first let me give you a a little information and details about the project and how it will be ran.

What is NaHabbo?
I decided to go with the name NaHabbo due to the fact that we are basically in the next generation of Habbo, both feature-wise and community-wise. A Lot of original (og) members have stepped away from the Habbo Retro community and many new members have joined. NaHabbo is going to provide the retro community with a different feeling; for example, every retro that opens usually just give users a great amount of coins and duckets and make rare furniture accessible without any objective.

During the peak of retro servers, most hotels had an economy that was strictly managed and organized. I remember when Force Hotel had Ultras, Supers, and Norms... giving furniture and rares value. This helped the gambling community, and made gambling interesting. Which lead to users being more active. On NaHabbo, the economy will be strict and the amount of coins, duckets, diamonds, and/or rare furniture will be limited. That'll just make the community more competitive and active.

The purpose of this project is to allow users to experience Habbo Hotel without having to pay for in-game features. This is a place to meet new and existing friends, play games, and simply have fun. It is a richly colourful, multi-dimensional virtual community and game environment to which users join by creating a fully customized online character. From there, users can explore a wide variety of spaces and millions of rooms created by other users in the virtual community, play a variety of games, connect with friends, decorate their own room, and have fun through creativity and self expression.

Things Developers Care About
* Content Management System (CMS) *
NaHabbo will be using a custom content management system (CMS) coded from scratch by @Berk. We will be using a sleek-design - but it will still be Habbo-friendly. We also decided instead of making all user interactions in-game (on client), we could add some website features that'll have users interact off the client as well. For example, we will be implementing a feature called a "Friends Stream" where users can post statuses and like, repost/share, and comment on their friends statuses. But that's just one of many features that'll be on the CMS.

CMS Features
- Friends Stream (ability post statuses - like, share, and comment on friends statuses)
- Fully functional homes and group homes (users will be able to customized their home pages/profiles to their liking)
- Habbo Stories (users will be able to post pictures from client on their stories) [Similar to Snapchat]
- Messenger System (users will be able to messages friends directly from our website - off client feature)
- Built-in Forums (where users can stay up-to-date with updates, submit ban appeals, ideas, & suggestions to staff)
- Badge Shop (users will be able to purchase badges from our website)
- Crack The Vault (users will have 3 attempts every 24 hours to crack the vault to receive prizes)
- Referral System (referral an user and receive points - those points can be used on at Referral Shop)
- Draggable Shops (drag what you want to purchase onto your cart)

* Emulator (EMU)*
NaHabbo will be using AliasPro - an Emulator server developed by the god himself - @Damien). We will be offering features that are offered on to give users the best Habbo experience. To name a few features, we will have features like Room Pools, Starting rooms (with bot welcoming), Casino bots, Crafting, and more.

EMU Features
- Fully working Wired furniture (All functions 100%)
- 100% working Camera feature (ability to post those pictures onto your "Habbo Story" on website)
- Ambassador Tools & Helper tools
- Custom commands :)buyroom, :sellroom, :stackheight, and more)
- Room polls
- Nux feature
- Room bundles
- Sanctions
- Builders Club (100%)
- Jukebox / Trax (Play your favorite songs in-game)

* Server Features & Specs (VPS) *
NaHabbo will be operating on a Virtual Private Server hosted by OVH with the following specs:

OpenStack KVM
SLA 99.99%
4 vCore(s)
3.1 GHz
100 GB

What Makes NaHabbo Different?
Economy & Community
Our economy will be ran somewhat different from any other Habbo Retro servers. It will be ran in an unique way but yet a simple way. Below we will break down each currency:


The main currency that will be given from events, casino gambling, and competitions will be Duckets. All Furniture (also known as 'Norms') will be worth a total of 1-5 duckets in the in-game catalogue. New users will start with a total of 5,000 duckets and will receive a total of 50 duckets every hour of being active in-game (1200 duckets every 24 hours).

1,000 duckets = 1 coin
100,000 duckets = 1 diamond


Credits/Coins can be received by participating in staff hosted events & campaigns (for example, ROTW, COTW, GOTW, Quests and more). They can also be obtained by gambling, trading, and purchasing them from the bundles and packages from the Shop. All rare furniture (normal rares only) can only be purchased with credits/coins. New users will start with a total of 5 credits/coins and will receive a total of 1 credit/coin every hour of being active in-game (120 coins every 24 hours).

1 coin/credit = 1,000 duckets
100 credits/coins = 1 diamond


Diamonds can be received by purchasing them from the bundles and packages from the Shop or by participating in staff hosted events & campaigns (for example, ROTW, COTW, GOTW, and more). Diamonds are the most rare currency on NaHabbo, and it may be difficult obtaining them.

1 diamond = 100,000 duckets
1 diamond = 100 credits/coins

If you would like to join the staff team, copy the text below and fill it out in the comments below or add me on Discord (Sarbaz#5922).

Past or present experience (Habbo-wise):
What role do you see yourself doing?:
Anything else you would want us to know?:


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Habbo Guardian
Just a question. How do you gonna start it with no money ? You asked me for money to purchase a vps, so wonder why looking for staff before the hotel running ?


Sailing the seas of moldy cheese!
Just a question. How do you gonna start it with no money ? You asked me for money to purchase a vps, so wonder why looking for staff before the hotel running ?
Just partnered up with a long-term friend of mine. He will be handling all the payments and billing.

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