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Jun 4, 2010
DevBest.com MineCraft Section Rules

Section Moderator(s):

Section Wide Rules:
These rules must be followed at all times, and are subject to every part of Minecraft MMORPG.

Constructive Criticism
Minecraft releases are released and/or shared not only for your enjoyment but to receive additional feed back from other members on how to improve etc. Please always respect their release/showcase by giving them a more constructive criticism on why you hate/like the release, showcase, or tutorial.

Credits are always expected on a release and showcase thread, please respect that people have created releases to share not to have their work stolen and claimed.

Please be sure that all your links are up to date. Also, please be aware that you are not allowed to link to a rival forum.

Screen Shots and Videos:(Expanded in section specific rules)
Please be sure that your screenshots are up date. This causes less clutter and complaining within a thread. Also, please be sure that your screenshots are not hosted or linked to a rival forum.

Please refrain from creating threads/posts asking someone to help you by giving them your contact details this sort of discussion is highly forbidden as it creates spam, it's the wrong section, and should always stay in the team recruitment section, threads containing such content will be moved or deleted.

Please be advised the Global Forum Rules also apply to the MineCraft section. If you are not familiar with these rules, you can find them .

Section Specific Rules

Help and Support

Posting replies
Please refrain from posting if you do not intend to help the thread creator. These posts are unwanted as they create spam and get the user no closer to the solution.

Outdated Support
Help threads with working solutions are saved as they may help another user in the future. If you are finding the solution no longer works, please use the report tool or contact a section moderator. It is NOT acceptable to reply to the thread asking for a new solution.

Outside Support
You may not reply to thread offering to help a user via Skype, Teamviewer, etc. These methods may be helpful to the thread creator but are useless to any other users experiencing the same problem and seeking a solution.

Type of issue
Please clearly state your issue. As well, you should include if this is a server/client/mod issue and your MineCraft version.

In order for people to get a clearer idea of what your problem is, you must include (at minimum) one screenshot of your issue.


In order for a staff member to test if a Hamachi server is online, they to must get the program, because of this it is harder for the moderators to check if a server is still active. Therefore, any MineCraft servers running on Hamachi are not allowed to be advertised on DevBest.

Cracked Servers
Due to the Global Forum rule, servers that are cracked are not allowed to be advertised on DevBest.

Please refrain from posting things such as "Going to go on soon" or "This looks cool, I may check it out later." These posts are considered spam and will be treated as such. They contribute nothing positively to the thread.

In order to create an appealing advertisement thread, you'll need to include some visuals. Please include (at minimum) one screen shot.

IP address
You must include a connection IP/Domain in your thread. You may not have people ask for the IP via PM unless you're whitelisting. (See rule below)

Some servers may wish to have their community protected with the white listing option. If your server is using this tool, please clearly state so in your thread. If you plan on advertising your white listed server on DevBest, please keep your PMs open to all members.

Whitelisting Replies
You may not reply to a thread with your username asking to be whitelisted. Please PM the thread creator with your username. You may not say thank you inside the thread for the thread creator White listing you. You may not post in the thread saying that you were not white listed (it is up to the thread creator who is white listed).

Development Servers
You may not advertise your server in this section if it is still being developed. Examples are; major bugs that hamper game play still being worked on or the server constantly goes down to be coded on. If you consider the server to be a development, consider posting it in the development section instead. (Note: The advertising rules will not apply in the development section).

Servers are periodically tested to see if they are still online. Servers that are offline at the time of testing will have their advertisement removed without warning.

Please include;
  • Server version
  • Type of server (Classic, Bukkit, Tekkit, etc)
  • Game modes on server (e.g Survival, PVP, Factions)
  • If you're using mods, which. (More of the major gameplay mods. We don't need to know if you have World Edit.)
These rules are subject to change at any time.
Appropriate action will be decided from the moderator at the time.

All the best,
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