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PC Minecraft 1.9 PvP Mechanics?

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Logicc, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Logicc

    Logicc New Member

    Just wanted to ask some people how the Minecraft 1.9 PvP Mechanics work.
    Have no idea. lol
  2. 0liver

    0liver Developer

    What do you mean by the new mechanics? like the new melee system, and what not?
  3. grandwizard

    grandwizard Amateur Pornstar

    I don't like it, the conception of shields, energy, completely overhauled the PvPing. Used to be one click = damage health, and that is what most people liked (including me). I don't play minecraft anymore partly because of the update, and how FUCKIN TOXIC!!!!! the community is now.
  4. Enchanted golden apples (gapples, notch apples, whatever you call them) are no longer craftable as of the Combat Update. However, they can be found in loot chests (chests in desert temples, dungeons, End Cities, etc.), which is determined by the new loot table attribute.
  5. Nicostrato

    Nicostrato New Member

  6. Sly

    Sly Ex Owner of Robbo Hotel

    Minecraft is just overall pure crap, couldn't you find a better game to play with decent graphics?
  7. jabez

    jabez NBA

    finds thread from a year ago

    posts a useless reply ShazBotstix
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  8. SOUL

    SOUL ┼ ┼ ┼

    Really just jitter clicking

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